Ohio University


Learning Communities (LCs) are designed for both first-year and transfer students.

Incoming First-Year Students

The first timeline for students to select a learning community is February 1-May 7.

Apply for your Learning Community

Students will have another opportunity to select a Learning Community at their Bobcat Student Orientation session.

  • Using your Ohio University login information, apply for a Learning Community. Applications are accepted February 1 through May 7.
  • To be assured that your application is processed accurately and that you're enrolled in the appropriate learning community, you must return the housing deposit and contract (or housing exemption form) by June 1.
  • Students can sign up for Bobcat Student Orientation beginning February 1. Contact BSO with any questions.
  • An information session and registration for the general LC programs will take place during Bobcat Student Orientation. Registration options for the college-based communities will be contingent on acceptance into the specific academic programs.
  • If you have a specific academic need, such as College Credit Plus credit(s), AP credit(s), transfer credit(s), or are registered with Institutional Equity and have concerns you would like us to meet, feel free to email the Director of Learning Community Programs at learning.communities@ohio.edu.

Transfer Students

To join a transfer learning community for fall semester, please complete this form