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Study Strategy Basics

General help with your study strategies

How can you get the most out of your time studying? It can be difficult to know where to start. And what about coping with the problems of motivation and stress? Most every student at one time or another procrastinates or faces stress of having so much to do or problems maintaining focus. On this page, we want to introduce you to some general websites for study skills help as well as specific advice on maintaining concentration and focus and beating your tendency to get distracted or procrastinate. A few key steps can help you get going again or get started!

Fight Procrastination!

Fight procrastination with the Pomodoro Technique: One of the biggest problems for students is procrastination. Some may struggle with just getting started and others with sustaining focus. You can do anything for 25 minutes with out distraction, right? That is exactly what the Pomodoro Technique is about. Break down those longer study sessions into shorter bursts of 25 minutes of focus. The key is to have a very specific goal for that time, a timer, no distractions (put away the laptop and phone. The following 2-minute short video explains the system well.


Tips for Building Concentration and Focus

College Info Geek Thomas Franks shares tips for building concentration and focus and phone apps that help you avoid distractions while you study.


How to deal with student burnout

Students with demanding schedules often end up burning out after long periods of constant stress.



Avoid the Procrastination and Low Motivation Traps

How to Beat Procrastination and the "I Don't Feel Like it" trap. And just Do The Thing ...