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Why participate in an internship?

  • Learn how academic theory relates to real-world work environments

  • Apply current and develop further knowledge and/or skills necessary for your future career

  • Gain professional experience that will strengthen your resume

  • Build professional relationships that will help position you for success

  • Take a “test-drive” of a desired career field to see if it is a good fit

SPST 4910: Internship

Consult the SPST 4910 Internship Information Sheet for specific information like credit hours, course requirements, grading and cost.

B.S.S. Internship Experiences

  • Passion Works Intern

  • Operations and Support Intern

  • Early Intervention Intern

  • Butterfly Field Technician

    “Working as a Butterfly Field Technician for the Iowa Multiple Species Inventory and Monitoring Program in Iowa helped me learn essential skills in the field and also forge connections with natural Resources conservation professionals.”-Hannah Kopp, BSS; Natural Resource Conservation

  • Grant Writing Assistant

  • Recreation Director Intern

How do I find an internship?

Identify what you hope to gain from an internship experience.

  • Skills approach: student identifies a specific set of skills that s/he would like to develop
  • Career approach: student intends to gain experience in a specific career field/company
  • Can be a combination of both
  • There are a variety of resources to help students identify skillsets needed for specific career paths as well as skillsets that are valuable in all fields (transferable).
  • Schedule an appointment with a career coach via Handshake
  • Talk with your BSS advisor

Identify what you have to offer an intern partner.

What strengths, skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences could be valuable to an internship site? Examples include excellent written communication skills, CPR and other certifications, etc. (skills can be transferable or job specific). Think about what you have learned in your classes.  Review syllabi from previous or current courses.

Internship search sites

Handshake (Ohio University's job and internship search platform)


Ohio Means Internships

Chegg Internships



Experience by Symplicity


Registering for SPST 4910: Internship credit

  • Talk with your B.S.S. advisor about how an internship fits in to your individualized degree program.
  • Find an internship that is right for you.
  • Obtain a copy of the internship description on company letterhead and complete the online internship application.


What if my internship site does not have an internship description?

Internship supervisors can use the following websites for guidance creating an internship description:

Chegg Internships 
This site has a “what to include in an internship description” as well as a variety of sample internship descriptions.

NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition
This site provides a clear definition and criteria for defining what constitutes an internship experience as well as measures for determining whether the experience should be paid or unpaid.

U.S. Department of Labor Internship Fact Sheet 
This fact sheet provides general information to help determine whether interns and students working for “for-profit” employers are entitled to minimum wages and overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).