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Faculty and Advisor Information


Faculty Partners are faculty members who work with a pre-B.S.S. student after their proposal has received a “green light” from their B.S.S. advisor to enter this phase of proposal development.

Who is eligible to be a faculty partner? Faculty who are tenured, tenure-track, and full-time/permanent faculty are eligible to serve as a faculty partner. Visiting and adjunct faculty as well as graduate students are ineligible to serve as faculty partners. Please be aware of your own department’s expectations, as a few departments designate one key person to serve as a B.S.S. Liaison.

What is my role as a faculty partner? A pre-B.S.S. student is seeking your expertise on their curriculum and transition plan. If you’re engaged in a faculty partnership, you can respond to a pre-B.S.S. student’s proposal in two ways:

  1. Sign off on the proposal faculty partner signature line if you unconditionally support it. An email approval to the student and their B.S.S. academic advisor is also permissible.
  2. Sign off on the proposal faculty partner signature line if you support it (with or without concerns) AND check the adjacent box indicating you’d like to include a faculty rubric (Attach faculty rubric). You may return the rubric directly with the student or email it to both the student and their B.S.S. advisor.  

Faculty Reviewers serve on the B.S.S. Proposal Review and Admission committee. The faculty rubric guides consistency for the faculty review process. The committee meets three times a year in clustered teams based upon the makeup of the proposals submitted that term.   

How can I get credit for my service as a faculty partner and/or faculty reviewer?

Please request a service letter from Julie Cohara, Director of Degree Programs, at cohara@ohio.edu.

B.S.S. academic advisors

B.S.S. Deadline Extension Form is used if a student has received a green light and has unique circumstances prohibiting from turning in the proposal by the required deadline. Extensions are due within one week of a formal deadline, and the green lit proposal must be attached. Please note that a deadline extension may jeopardize a graduation timeline.

B.S.S./A.I.S. Substitution Form is used if a course is full/cancelled/etc. and a student is no longer able to take a class without disruption to their timeline. Do not use this form if a student has failed an approved course or is pre-B.S.S.

B.S.S. Substitution Appeal Form is used if a student has previously failed a course and wants to substitute it.

Curriculum Petition is used to appeal any B.S.S. major program requirements. Extensive documentation is required for extraordinary circumstances. These are rarely approved.

Non-B.S.S. Academic Advisors

Want to refer a student to the B.S.S. program? You can do so in the referral tab in My Ohio Success Network or by encouraging your advisee to call 740-593-1935 to register for a B.S.S. Information Session. Please do not use a traditional Update of Program form to change their major.  

Where is my shared pre-B.S.S. advisee in the process? By peak advising in March, you can view your advisee’s status in the pre-B.S.S. success plan on My Ohio Success Network. If the plan is completed, their proposal is under review for final admission.