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Academic Success Workshops

The Allen Student Advising Center, in conjunction with the Academic Colleges, offers Academic Success Workshops to students who are experiencing academic difficulty.

The 90-minute workshops provide assistance in:

  • Understanding Probation Policies
  • Identifying Campus Resources That Exist to Assist You
  • Calculating Your Grade Point Average
  • Determining Reasons for Academic Difficulties
  • Finding Solutions to These Problems and Setting Goals for the Semester

All students who are placed on academic probation are required to attend a workshop. Attendance and participation in a workshop are mandatory in order to register for classes for the following term. Please do not register for a workshop that conflicts with your class schedule.

Workshops are offered at a variety of dates and times. Space in each workshop is limited. If you are unable to attend one of the dates below, please call the office at 740.566.8888.


Spring Semester 2017-18
Academic Success Workshops

  • Thursday, March 22 • 5:30-7 p.m. • Grover Center E304
  • Wednesday, March 28 • 2-3:30 p.m. • Baker Center 230

Michael is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences. During spring semester, he earned a 1.8 accumulative GPA. Because this is less than the University’s required 2.0 minimum accumulative GPA, he was placed on academic probation. One of the requirements which Michael must meet to get off of probation is to attend a fall semester Academic Success Workshop (ASW).

Prior to fall semester’s start, he received an email from the Allen Student Advising Center alerting him of his probation status and inviting him to choose a Workshop. Ultimately, Michael chose a Tuesday night ASW during week 3.

At the ASW, he heard from the Advising Center’s staff about calculating his GPA, growth vs. fixed mindset, course retake options, the three possible outcomes following academic probation*, and more—and the earlier in the semester he attended, the sooner he could put new practices in place.  During the ASW, he saw how he needed to study more, prioritize homework, procrastinate less, and ask for help.

Following the ASW, Michael dedicated more time to studying in Alden Library (away from the distractions of his room) and also scheduled college study skills coaching appointments to review his note taking and time management habits.

Michael finished fall semester with a semester GPA of 2.48, thus bringing his accumulative GPA to 2.14. Michael was removed from probation!

A few years later—and on time!—Michael graduated with his BA in geography—and the wealth and poverty certificate.

*Be removed from probation, be continued on probation, or be dismissed from Ohio University