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Exit Interview

We understand that some students may find themselves considering a different institution to complete their college degree or that it may be in their best interest to take a break from school. Completing an exit interview is your next best step - and a way to receive a free transcript!

An exit interview is intended to help students navigate the exiting process from Ohio University and help them tie up any loose ends prior to leaving. At the same time, 10% of students that exit Ohio University eventually return to campus. If you should wish to re-enroll after exiting, we are happy to assist you. Once a Bobcat - always a Bobcat!

Please complete the Exit Survey if you agree with one of the following:

  • You plan to transfer to another institution next academic year
  • You plan to take a break from school

Once you complete the survey, an academic advisor will review your survey responses and contact you to pick up your transcript waiver.