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Partnerships and Collaborations

Common Experience Project on Sustainability

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The Common Experience Project on Sustainability is multi-disciplined, encouraging collaboration between and partnerships with University College, Alden Library, the Office of Sustainability, Environmental Studies, Residence Life, The Athena Cinema, and many academic programs and departments.

The goal of the multi-year effort for Ohio University's Common Experience Project on Sustainability is to create a common learning experience for Ohio University students through integrated curricular and co-curricular activities, with the goal that participating students should acquire a deep understanding of the principle concepts and issues related to sustainability and ecological literacy.

In efforts to enhance sustainability literacy across campus, the Common Experience Project Curriculum Committee has developed a three-tiered framework for addressing sustainability literacy at Ohio University. This framework is referenced in this document as the Common Experience Project. Sustainability Literacy Pathway will be used for integrating sustainability themes into curricular and co-curricular activities and campus life at Ohio University.

The three tiers are defining sustainability, applying sustainability, and living sustainability. These pathways invite faculty and students to first develop a general understanding of sustainability that can be augmented and strengthened as the student progresses at Ohio University through the Sustainability Literacy Pathway.

Contact Coordinator Loraine McCosker for further information at mccosker@ohio.edu.

Summer Transition Program (STP)

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Spearheaded by Undergraduate Admissions and University College, STP gives a limited number of at-risk students who have demonstrated through application materials compelling evidence that they are likely to succeed the opportunity to earn their full enrollment into the University.

"STP is a classic bridge program," explained Candace Boeninger, assistant vice provost for enrollment management and director of undergraduate admissions. "Its goal is to allow the University to support a population of students who appear to be at risk for success at Ohio University and at the same time also very likely to succeed here.

"We wouldn't admit a student if we didn't believe he or she would be successful here," Boeninger said, adding that her office seeks out pathways to enrollment for students who aren't immediately admitted to OHIO – either through the University's regional campuses, its partnerships with community colleges, or, in a limited number of situations, STP. "The whole premise of the Summer Transition Program is that these students will demonstrate their ability to be successful at Ohio University through STP and will earn a spot in the freshman class and have all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a first-year student."

Ohio Fellows Program

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University College will work with University Libraries to administer the newly re-vamped Ohio Fellows Program.

"There are students at Ohio University today who are going to become important contributors to our culture. We need to find them and help them spread their wings. We need to encourage them to think outside the box and to become leaders in their fields," Moore said. "The 21st century version of the Ohio Fellow Program will create a platform for select students to do just that in a purposeful and influential way."

University Professor Program

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The UP program is sponsored by University College and facilitated by the Center for Teaching & Learning.

The University Professor program recognizes outstanding teaching at the university, and benefits faculty and students alike. Students bestow the honor of University Professor on four members yearly, after a selection process that begins with nominations from the student body. The honored faculty members then have the freedom to develop and teach a course of their choice during the following year as a means of enriching the undergraduate curriculum. Since its founding in 1970, the University Professor program has recognized over two hundred professors for their teaching excellence.

University Academic Advising Council (UAAC)

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University College and the University Academic Advising Council (UAAC) provide university-wide support for academic advising services and initiatives. University College advances the mission of Ohio University by providing leadership across colleges to promote teaching, learning and advising.

The college provides a number of services to students, including orientation, advising, first year and student success programs such as learning communities and college transition and success courses. Faculty advising support is offered through workshops, professional development resources and opportunities

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