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At Ohio University, we employ a holistic review process in Undergraduate Admissions decisions. For first-year students the following information is reviewed for admission: class rank, strength of curriculum, grade-point average, and ACT/SAT test scores, as are optional submissions, such as personal essays and letters of recommendation. To receive full consideration for admission, Undergraduate Admissions recommends that you complete the ACT or SAT by December of your senior year of high school.

A strong college preparatory academic program is expected of students who apply for admission to Ohio University. The grades compiled during your junior year can be particularly significant in the review process, as consideration is given to improvements or declines in academic performance.

Ohio University also welcomes transfer students to the student body. For transfer students with over 20 semester hours of college coursework, the college transcript(s) will be reviewed for admission consideration. Transfer students with fewer than 20 semester hours of college coursework completed will also have to meet the freshman admission guidelines.

All students who meet Ohio University admission guidelines are eligible for admission to University College.


OHIO is decidedly the best choice

Approximately one quarter of first-year students enter Ohio University without declaring a major. Students that do not declare a major within their first year with OHIO are normally not at risk of falling behind other students with a major. University College serves both undecided and undeclared students who are exploring the University’s options before selecting a major and degree program and students who are seeking to earn the Bachelor of Specialized Studies, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice, or an associate’s degree.

Academic Advising is the highest priority of University College. Our professional and adjunct advisors strive to help you launch your career at Ohio University, to help you explore academic and career options, and to assist you with decisions about how you can best use the University to promote your learning and development.


While a student’s academic record may be strong enough for admission to the University, it may not qualify him or her for the more competitive admissions standards of certain colleges and programs. University College helps a student establish a record at Ohio University and pairs him or her with a specifically-trained academic advisor that can advise him or her on the prerequisites and internal transfer application process for the selective program of interest. Please note that a student must declare a major within one semester of completing a total of 45 semester hours of college-level work. External transfer students may complete two semesters of full-time enrollment in University College before they must declare a major, regardless of their total hours earned.