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Intro for New Students

Being undecided doesn't mean being unambitious or uninspired. On the contrary: at University College, we see it as being unbound, unlimited, and open to everything Ohio University has to offer. It's why we're here and what we're all about. We're an engaged network of individuals, all dedicated to helping you plot out a successful first year and beyond: uninhibited, unafraid, and on your way to greatness. Let's go!

What you need for where you're headed.

We're ready to point you in the right direction.

For every person, and every path.

If you're new to campus, joining us from another college, or in need of guidance, we can help you get going.

More about University College

University College serves both undecided/undeclared students who are exploring the University's options before selecting a major and degree program and students who are seeking to earn the Bachelor of Specialized Studies, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice, or an associate's degree.

University College advances the mission of Ohio University by providing institutional leadership across colleges in order to promote academic advising, teaching, and learning. The college provides a number of University wide services and is home to key units such as the Academic Achievement Center, the Allen Student Advising Center, Learning Community Programs, and the Student Writing Center that help all undergraduates attain academic success. University College staff members manage advising programs and orientation programs such as Bobcat Student Orientation that assist students in reviewing their interests, planning academic programs, and adjusting to University life. In addition, the College oversees the University's General Education program and fosters student success through such initiatives as learning communities, Army and Air Force ROTC, study skills, tutoring programs, and workshops to promote academic success.