Ohio University

Getting Started with SI

It's easy to get started with SI at OHIO

Understanding what SI is

  • SI is free and voluntary
  • A place to go for extra help where you will work with your fellow peers in groups to solve problems related to course material.
  • SI sessions are lead by an undergraduate student who has taken and done well in the course / have a strong understanding of material, but they are not experts. Skipping class and going to SI instead will not help you!
  • You don't need to sign up in advance to attend, but you do have to go if you want to obtain SI materials such as worksheets. (Students will not fully benefit from the SI program without actually attending, which is why this policy is in place.)
  • SI is not a place to go to get homework questions answered—sorry—but rather to gain a deeper understanding of the material being covered in the course. If you have a quick homework question, you may want to consider going to the math or science center instead.
  • Going to SI consistently is worth your time. Take a look at this spring 2017 SI attendance data:

How to use SI

  • Review this list of course numbers: ACCT 1010, BIOS 1030, BIOS 1300, BIOS 1310 (spring semester only), BIOS 1700, BIOS 1710, CHEM 1210, CHEM 1220, CHEM 1500, CHEM 1510, CHEM 1520, ET 2200, MATH 1200, MATH 1300, MATH 1350, MATH 2301, MATH 2302, NUTR 1000, PHYS 2001, PSY 1010 (not all classes)
  • Throughout the week, check the SI Calendar to look for changes in your SI sessions and update your calendar accordingly. Days or locations of sessions may change based on course happenings (exams, midterms, department-led study session) or the SI Leader's availability (family emergency, sick, out of town, etc.)