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Many students are unprepared for and surprised by the vast differences between how they studied in high school and what is required in college.

High school studying usually involved memorization of facts and often required no more effort than just “looking over the material.” College freshmen quickly discover that these strategies don’t work well and erroneously believe that the problem can be remedied by simply “studying a lot more.”

Although increasing the amount of study time is an important factor, the key to becoming a successful college student involves strategies that promote effective and efficient learning. In other words, learning to STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER.


Recommended UC Courses for Spring 2017


UC 1100-Learning Strategies
(2 credits, first or second year students)
Sections offered at a variety of times, with 2 late start options.

Helps students assess current study behaviors and attitudes and then adopt techniques that increase effectiveness in managing time, taking notes, reading and comprehending text material, preparing for exams. Course emphasizes regular practice and application of strategies discussed. It is especially recommended for new students who didn't study very much in high school and/or have no well-developed system of effective studying.


UC 2900: College Reading and Study Skills
(3 credits, first or second year students)
T-Th 1:30-2:50 Course # 11928

This course helps students assess current study habits and reading skills and helps students develop techniques for increasing their effectiveness in: 1) time management and goal setting, 2) lecture note-taking, 3) improving memory, 4) managing stress and improving concentration, 5) reading and studying systems, and 6) how to prepare for and take exams. Students will learn how to answer deeper level (non-simplistic) questions that are most frequently used on exams. The reading part of this course focuses on improving comprehension, interpretation, and evaluation of reading materials that are typical of college courses. The course includes tips to build college vocabulary, practice in recognizing bias in writing and practice in differentiating between rational/ valid argumentation.  (Three credit hours. no credit for both this course and the following; UC 1100/1101)


UC 2900: Grad School Prep: Reading, Research, and Planning Skills for Grad School
(2 credits, junior or senior students)
M-W 2:00-2:55 Course #12826

Grad School Prep is a course is specifically for upper level students and designed to provide strategies and intensive practice in navigating entrance to graduate school. In this course, students will be introduced to reading, research, and writing skills required for graduate level courses. Students will develop strategies for searching for and evaluating quality research articles, reading strategies for understanding articles published in peer-reviewed journals, using library resources such as Zotero for research project organization. Students will also develop an understanding the general graduate application process, develop personal statements, and generate application materials.