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College Achievement Program




CAP provides opportunities for academic development & intellectual growth, assists students with OHIO's graduation requirements, and serves to motivate students toward the successful completion of one's undergraduate degree. We have a distinguished record of increasing the retention and graduation rates of our participants.

CAP offers a range of services to help participants adjust to the rigor of college life, meet the demands of one's academic program, and achieve timely graduation. CAP is housed in the Academic Advancement Center in Alden Library.

All CAP services are designed to increase a student's chance of success at Ohio University.



Eligibility Requirements

There are eligibility requirements students must meet in order to be accepted:

  • Eligibility for CAP is determined according to a Two Tier system.
  • Students must satisfy both tiers to be eligible for CAP.
  • CAP is a small program, space is limited and eligibility does not guarantee admission.
  • CAP serves approximately 275 students annually.

Eligibility Requirements

Tier 1: Does the student have an ACADEMIC NEED?

This is defined as:

  • Having an ACT composite score less than or equal to 22* or
  • Having a SAT combined (math + verbal) score less than 1090 or 
  • High School GPA below a 3.0 or
  • ACT Reading or Math score below 19

If a student satisfies one of the Tier 1 requirements, they must also meet at least one of the Tier 2 requirements.

Tier 2: To satisfy this requirement, a student must:


How to Apply to CAP

If you believe you satisfy both Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements for eligibility and would like to apply for admission to CAP, please contact us at (740) 593-2644 and we will promptly send you an application.

Applications are reviewed on a first received-first considered basis. CAP is a small program with limited spaces available. Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission.


Free Private Tutoring

CAP students can receive free one-on-one private tutoring for up to 4 hours, per class, per week through  Tutoring Services. Private tutoring is offered for many courses, especially those on campus that are historically difficult. All tutoring appointments can be made online, for your convenience, via Tutor Trac.


Professional Academic Advising

Each CAP student is assigned a  Professional Advisor. CAP participants are required to meet with their professional advisors each semester before scheduling. Of course, students are encouraged to visit their advisors whenever they need assistance, have questions, or have concerns. Think of your CAP Advisor as a guidepost, an anchor on campus, and a person to collaborate with you in making your Ohio University experience successful, enriching, and fruitful.

CAP Advisors can:

  • direct a student to appropriate services, offices, and/or resources 
  • navigate the higher education environment
  • help students explore possible majors, minors, and/or certificates
  • review degree audit reports (DARS) with students and help them understand the various graduation requirements
  • review academic/graduation progress
  • assist students with selecting and scheduling classes each semester
  • guide students through the challenges of college life
  • provide a sounding board for a student's problems, concerns, worries
  • serve as a liaison to the various departments and offices with which a student must interact
  • advocate on the student's behalf
  • provide letters of reference for students who maintain consistent contact
  • celebrate a student's success
  • and more

CAP's professional advisors are available Monday – Friday, 9 – 5, in the Academic Advancement Center, 101 Alden Library. Stop by to see your advisor whenever you have a question, concern, or just want some ideas and/or feedback about academic and career plans. If your assigned advisor is not available please see Tiffany Arnold, CAP Assistant Director, or Tamekia Scott, Director of the Academic Advancement Center/CAP.


Our rationale is simple: we want our students to read and reflect on the world around them. CAP is committed to student success and persistence, striving to create opportunities for our participants to enrich their own lives and university experiences. This book, combined with our discussion opportunities and first-year learning communities, seeks to do just that.