Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans, Trustee

Evans, who received a bachelor of arts in political science from Ohio University in 1993, is the president of Boich Companies, a diversified holding company of energy services and energy marketing businesses.

Evans worked in the Ohio Senate and in the administration of Gov. George V. Voinovich. In 1995, he opened and managed Duke Energy’s Central Ohio office and represented Duke’s interests as the electric utility marketplace was deregulated.

He joined Boich Companies in 2001 and led its public affairs activities at the state and federal levels. He served as an interface between Boich and several of the nation’s largest activities. He became Boich Companies’ president in 2016 and focused on leading the company into a more diversified portfolio in the energy sector. He serves as an advocate for utility-scale solar development with a focus in southern Ohio.

Evans received the 2016 Outstanding Alumni Award from the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University. He is a member of the Voinovich School Executive Committee and has stayed actively involved with the Marching 110 Alumni Society.

Evans and his wife, Heather, live in Upper Arlington, Ohio, with their two children.

Term Ends: 2028