New Vehicle Service Plan and Vehicle Safety Inspections

Vehicle Safety Inspections
In response to the recent audit findings, the University Garage will perform annual safety inspections on all Athens Campus vehicles that are owned or leased by the University. The University Garage will schedule times for each vehicle to be inspected. The annual fee for these inspections will be charged at the time of services rendered. Failure to have the vehicle inspected as scheduled will be subject to having the vehicle impounded with the department billed for towing expenses. If a department refuses to fund work deemed necessary to make the vehicle safe, it will also result in the vehicle being impounded until such time that the department agrees to fund and have the work completed.

Centralized Maintenance and Repair Work through the University Garage
All vehicle maintenance and repair work must be completed by the University Garage excluding regional campus vehicles and those leased and under warranty. Any work required to be done on Athens Campus vehicles that cannot be completed by the University Garage will be completed through an exclusive arrangement between Transportation Services and competitively chosen local garages. Vendor contracts have been established for work including, but not limited to major body work, exhaust systems and front end alignments. Departments that currently lease vehicles outside of Transportation Services and have warranty work performed through their current leasing agreement shall provide Transportation Services with documentation of the work completed to document that the vehicle is being kept in safe condition. Repair work on leased vehicles that is not covered by warranty through the lease agreement must be coordinated by Transportation Services. In addition, all work performed on vehicle will be billed for parts and labor. Rates will be competitive and will be monitored annually and adjusted to provide the University an overall cost effective program. There will be separate charges for service calls and use of diagnostic equipment.