General Information

Where are you located?

  • Transportation & Parking Services is located at 100 Factory Street on West Green.

What are your hours of operation?

  • 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday-Friday  & 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM (Summer Semester). The office is closed on weekends and university observed holidays/closure periods. Transportation Services continues operation of shuttles and other vehicle rentals after normally scheduled office hours.

What transit services do you offer?

How can I contact you?


What are the benefits of utilizing the CATS transit system?

  • Quick & easy travel to various locations throughout campus. Saves users fuel costs and reduces traffic congestion. Let CATS do the driving for you.

How do I know when/where the CATS buses will stop?

What is DoubleMap?

  • DoubleMap is a free APP available on smartphones which allows users to real time track CATS shuttles. No more wondering when the bus will arrive - know when to show through live GPS tracking. DoubleMap is also available over the web at: https://cats.doublemap.com/map/

Do I need a bus pass to ride CATS?

  • No. CATS is a free service. No ID or pass is required.

Are the CATS buses disability accessible?

  • Yes. All OU Transit vehicles are disability accessible.

CATCAB & CATS Late Night

What is CATCAB?

  • CATCAB (Campus Area Transportation Cutting Across Boundaries) is a service which provides door to door transportation assistance to individuals with limited mobility. In order to qualify for CATCAB services the individual must be listed with Institutional Equity, Student Accessibility Services or have a doctor's referral. Tailored schedules to meet the needs of the rider are developed once ridership has been approved.

What is CATS Late Night?

  • CATS Late Night is a service which offers a safe means of transportation to faculty/staff and students across the Ohio University campus. This service is free to users. Individuals can contact the dispatcher directly at 740-593-4040 during service hours.

What are the hours of operation for CATS Late Night?

  • Monday-Friday 5:30 PM - 2 AM. Saturday 10 PM - 2 AM.

Airport Shuttle

Are shuttle services provided to the Columbus airport?

  • Yes. A nonstop shuttle is available to the Columbus airport. This service can be scheduled at the individual's convenience; any day/any time. Reservations must be submitted a minimum of 3 business days in advance of trip. Additional information is available at: http://www.ohio.edu/transportation/airportshuttle.cfm

How can I make an airport shuttle reservation?

  • Individuals interested in using the airport shuttle should complete an online request form located at: http://www.ohio.edu/transportation/airportshuttle.cfm. Once the reservation has been completed the user will receive an e-mail confirmation. Both arrival and departure trips are available.

How do I pay for my airport shuttle reservation?

  • Students - Billed to Student Account Or Credit Card Payment By Arrangement

    Faculty/Staff - Billed to University Account, University Purchasing Card Or Personal Credit Card

    *Cancelations are accepted for all transportation services however, cancelation fees may apply.

How do I find Transportation Services at the airport?

  • OU Transportation drivers will be wearing a green OU shirt with an Ohio University sign. Drivers will wait at the baggage claim area associated with your flight. If it is a scheduled shuttle the driver will wait between baggage claims 4 & 5.

I am traveling with children. Are car/booster seats provided?

  • No. If child restraint seats are required it is the customer's responsibility to supply these. (Seats must be removed at end of trip).

Motorpool/Vehicle Rental

How do I reserve a vehicle?

  • All reservations must be submitted through the online Fleet Commander platform. 


    Complete an online motor pool request form at: https://ohiouniversity.agilefleet.com/login.asp


    **Please have the following information available when securing your reservation: Department, Pick Up & Return Dates, Destination, Purpose, Account Number (Must Be A Valid OU Account Number), & Contact Information. Motor pool rentals are for university business purposes only. A confirmation number will be provided once the reservation has been secured.



What do I need to bring with me when I pick up my rental vehicle?

  • Please have your confirmation e-mail and valid United States drivers license with you at time of rental pick-up. If your reservation is for more than one vehicle, separate drivers will need to sign out each vehicle. Please remember to secure your belongings when utilizing your rental as Transportation Services is not reliable for lost or damaged items.

How are charges assessed for rentals?

  • Customers are now charged a flat rate daily fee for all rentals. Daily rates are based on a 24 hour period. For additional information please contact Transportation Services at 740-593-1611.

    As a courtesy to other customers and to avoid additional charges please cancel any unneeded reservations at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled pick-up. A no-show charge will apply if any unwanted reservation is not canceled or the customer fails to pick up the vehicle.

    Daily rates are charged once a vehicle is removed from the lot. If you need to utilize a vehicle prior to the rental office an extra day charge will be assessed.

What is a voyager fleet card?

  • Voyager fuel cards are available upon request for all Departments that utilize Transportation Services motor pool vehicles. A complete listing of authorized stations can be accessed at: www.voyagerfleet.com by selecting Acceptance Locator.

What do I do if my vehicle needs to be repaired during rental?

  • Contact Transportation Services at 740-593-1611 between the hours of 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM. After business hours please contact the Ohio University Police Department at 740-593-1911. Transportation will contact a fleet supervisor for assistance and authorization of repairs. Receipts for repairs need to be provided to the service department within Transportation & Parking Services.

Where can I park my personal car when I pick up my rental vehicle?

  • If you will need to park a vehicle during your trip please let the reservation staff know so they can provide you with the appropriate parking permit. You will need to park in the same space in  which you remove the rental vehicle from. Please ensure the permit is clearly displayed from your rearview mirror.

Bus Rentals

What does your quote include for charter/shuttle rentals?

  • Quotes include bus rental, driver, and fuel mileage for the trip as detailed in your itinerary. Travel related expense such as hotel, meals, tolls or parking are not included. Any deviations from the original itinerary such as extra stops or time at a location would be considered an added expense.

    Bus rental rates vary depending on trip information. Quotes are customized to meet your needs based on mileage, frequency of use, length of time needed, and number and type of vehicles required. Please contact Transportation Services at 740-593-1611 for a reservation quote.

Are buses equipped with wheelchair lifts?

  • All 15 & 30 passenger buses/shuttles are equipped with wheelchair ramps. However, 57 passenger charter buses are not.  

Are drivers screened prior to employment?

  • All drivers are required to pass a federal, state and local check before hire. Drivers must also pass a drug test and physical. Drivers are subject to random drug testing and physicals throughout the year.


Are buses equipped with restrooms/seatbelts?

  • 57 Passenger - These vehicles are equipped with restroom facilities but not seatbelts.

    15 & 30 Passenger - These vehicles are equipped with seatbelts but not restroom facilities.

Is food/drink permitted?

  • Yes, However alcoholic or glass bottled beverages are not permitted onboard.


Where can I find out more information about parking options on campus?