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Writer Calls on Media to Spotlight Ugandan “Night Commuters” by Ernest Waititu

Just before dark, thousands of children in northern Uganda leave their homes for town.  In their
villages death abounds, and not
even the comfort that a home is supposed
to provide can beat the
fear that darkness
brings. As the sun begins its journey down the hills, these boys and girls, now commonly

known as “night commuters” because of their   nocturnal travels, must also begin the 3-miles journey
(sometimes longer) to the
towns in search for security.
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Little Athens answers big plea by Ernest Waititu.
On Friday March 4, UNICEF Ohio University Chapter organized a fundraiser for Darfur in Lindley Multicultural
Center at OU. In the fundraiser, the organization displayed and auctioned paintingsdonated by Cynthia Kyei.

Selam co-authors a book
"Stories We Must Tell Ourselves" is a book co-authored by Selam Gerzher-Alemayo. >>more

Selam spent the summer of 2002 volunteering in Tigray. >>more

Fasting In the U.S.A. by Abba A. Ahmed.
Many healers claim that fasting is a particularly useful therapy for Americans and for the modern lifestyle,
subjected to advertisements, consumption of heavy diets, overeating, junk food and constant exposure
to food additives and chemicals by chaotic chemistry between media and corporations. Some alternative
practitioners have gone so far as to estimate that the average American is carrying 5-10 pounds of toxic
substances in their bodies...>>
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A nasty day with Wangari  by Ernest Waititu.
The year was 1999. The government of Kenya under the leadership of strong man Daniel arap Moi was caught
up in a series of fraudulent deals, top among them land grabbing.In a series of these unlawful transactions, the
government opened up Karura Forest, the biggest forest that neighbors the city of Nairobi, and started dishing
out tracts of land to its cronies.>>more


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