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Transnational Education and Learning Society

The Transnational Education and Learning Society (TELS) is a non-profit, professional society devoted to the study and dissemination of educational practices beyond the national borders of single countries.

The TELS is interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary in nature, and welcomes members from all fields and disciplines who are interested in transnational education and learning theories, approaches, policies, and practices.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the overall vision and mission of TELS, its services, and activities.




Proposal Submitters, Note: TELS is pleased to be using a conference submission software called EASY CHAIR, which allows for “easy” submissions and “easy” review of your proposals. When you click on our “Proposal Submission Link – TELS 2016,” you will find yourself on the Easy Chair – The Conference System account page. Within minutes of providing your name and e-mail address, you’ll then receive an e-mail with a link to a secure page asking for your preferred user name, contact information, and preferred password. You’ll then have an account, which is intuitively designed and user-friendly. It’s that easy. Thank you for your submission!


What is transnational education?

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