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New Ohio University ID Cards
OIT began issuing new identification cards to all faculty, staff and students on June 18, 2007.   These new cards have updated designs and no longer carry Social Security numbers on the magnetic stripe. Through the card-redesign efforts, OIT has partnered with the Ping Center and Alden Library to eliminate the use of Social Security numbers from their systems.  Click here to learn more...


New University Approach to P2P
In an effort to ensure that every student, faculty member and researcher has access to the computer resources they need, Ohio University announced on 4/25/07 that it will restrict the use of all peer-to-peer, or P2P, file-sharing on the campus computer network.  Click here for the full story...

Daylight Saving Time and Your Personal Computer
Mac and PC owners who have kept their operating systems up to date should have little to worry about when Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins this year on March 11, three weeks earlier than normal. Both Microsoft and Apple have already released patches to account for the time change. If your computer is set to install critical updates automatically, then you already should have received the necessary patches. If your computer does not install updates automatically, it's possible that you could have trouble logging into services like Oracle Calendar or Active Directory once DST takes effect. To make sure your system is ready for DST, simply run Windows Update on your PC or Software Update on your Mac, or visit the following web sites:
Apple DST Info
Microsoft DST Info
Lenovo Battery Recall Affects Go Mobile "Best" Systems
On March 1, 2007, Lenovo announced a recall of certain 9 cell laptop batteries.  Among the systems affected by this recall is the 15 inch Z61m, sold through our Go Mobile discount program as the "best" offering.  Some faculty/staff laptops purchased through our IBM/Lenovo state contract also may be covered.  Lenovo will replace recalled batteries free of charge.  To learn if your system contains a recalled battery, visit www.lenovo.com/batteryprogram/.

Windows Vista Compatibility and Support
Ohio IT Support Services currently is in the process of testing a wide range of campus applications with Vista.  Click here to learn more...


Known Issues with Internet Explorer 7.0
If you use a Windows-based PC, please be aware that Microsoft has begun distributing version 7.0 of their Internet Explorer web browser ("IE 7.0") as a critical update. If it has not done so already, this update will install itself on your computer as part of your normal Windows Update process.

Testing so far indicates that IE 7.0 does not pose any major problems for OHIO online services; however, there are a few issues you might encounter with Blackboard, CommonSpot, WorkForce, Oracle FMS, and Macromedia Contribute. 

Gateway Battery Recall
Gateway recently announced a notebook and tablet battery recall.  Based on records Gateway has sent to us, it appears that only a few units here at the university are affected.    We have e-mailed detailed recall information to those individuals we were able to identify as having defective batteries; however, you may wish to confirm for youself whether any Gateway notebooks or tablets you use contain recalled batteries.  To do so, visit: http://www.gateway.com/battery/index.shtml# 
CIO Candidate Forums
Individuals from the university and Athens communities are invited to attend forums for candidates for the position of Chief Information Officer at Ohio University on Oct. 12 and 18. Each forum will begin at 4 p.m. and will include a statement from the candidate and a question-and-answer session.  Click here to learn more...

Lenovo Battery Recall Does Not Apply to Go Mobile Laptops
Lenovo's recently announced recall of select laptop batteries does not apply to machines purchased through Go Mobile.  On the other hand, if you purchased an X, T or R series Lenovo through the university's state contract, your battery may be covered.  Click here to learn more...

Security Vulnerability in Internet Explorer
A new security vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer has been discovered that could allow an attacker to take over your computer, compromising both your own data security and that of the Ohio University data network. Click here to learn more...
New Unified IT Organization
As of July 1, 2006 OHIO's Information Technology division was reorganized to create a single, unified presence for shared services at Ohio University. In the interest of efficiency and responsiveness, the division structure follows functional lines.  Click here to learn more...

OHIO now has 100% Wireless Internet Coverage
Ohio University now has full wireless Internet coverage on all six of its campuses. Internet access now is available via 802.11g in all academic and administrative buildings, residence halls, and major outdoor public areas.  Click here to learn more...


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