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OIT investigates cause of October 27 network outage
October 28, 2009
By Sean O'Malley

Network engineers continue to analyze log files and system configurations in an effort to identify the cause of a university-wide data network outage between 8:49 pm and 12:40 am on October 27. 

University systems remained online throughout the incident, but individuals trying to check their mail or access online course materials would have been unable to do so.

Although it is too soon to tell the cause of Tuesday's outage, Chief Information Officer Brice Bible noted that the incident underscores the importance of OIT's NextGen network upgrade and IT realignment projects that address security and management issues.  

"Reliability, accountability and capacity are the cornerstones of a modern network," Bible said. 

The NextGen network project will update cabling and infrastructure, some of which dates back to 1998, and provide a minimum of 100 Mbps to the desktop on all campuses. 

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