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New e-mail systems in the works
Outlook and Entourage coming for faculty, staff and graduate students, CatMail for undergraduates and alumni

September 10, 2009 - E-mail at Ohio University will get a major face lift and performance boost during 2009-10 as the university replaces its home grown Oak e-mail system with Microsoft's Exchange and Outlook Live services.  

Undergraduates and alumni are in the midst of a switch to CatMail, a web-based e-mail service hosted on Microsoft's Outlook Live.  Graduate students, faculty and staff will begin the conversion later this quarter from Oak to a new, locally hosted Microsoft Exchange environment.

CatMail progress

Approximately 13,000 undergraduates already have converted to CatMail.  The remaining students will receive periodic conversion reminders in the coming weeks.  Any undergraduate or recent alumni who has not converted by October 12 will automatically have his or her account switched to the new system.  Forwarding will not be affected by the switch to CatMail.  Individuals who forward their mail to another account will continue to receive mail at their chosen address after the conversion.

Outlook and Entourage: E-mail and calendaring combined

Screen shot of the basic Outlook inbox and calendar interface.With the undergraduate and alumni e-mail conversion winding down, OIT will turn its attention to improving e-mail and calendaring for faculty, staff and graduate students.  In place of Oak and Oracle Calendar, OIT will offer a combined e-mail and calendar service via Microsoft Exchange.  

For most individuals, this will mean replacing Mulberry/Webmail and Oracle Calendar with either Outlook (PC) or Entourage (Mac).  Both include useful features like one-click message viewing, a global address book that allows individuals to find e-mail addresses for other OHIO users, and an integrated calendar. The new environment also will be compatible with most mobile devices for both e-mail and calendar syncing.  

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