www.ohio.edu/ecohouse : SLO is a friend of the Ohio University
Eco-house. Find out how you can get involved to make OU green!

www.climatecrisis.net : Pledge to see the movie An Inconvenient Truth. Check out the science behind the movie and help a million people to pledge to see the movie opening weekend!

planetizen.com : Interested in high efficiency building and planning? While Planetizen isn't focused on entry level jobs, it's still a great resource.

dhlovelife.com : Actress Daryl Hannah's website for her short, 5 minute films about people helping out the environment.

www.bp.com/carbonfootprint : Find out you carbon footprint with this cute flash animation.

www.fightglobalwarming.com : check out the latest awareness ads for global warming
and find out what you can do to stop it.

Native Energy Calculator :calculate your carbon emissions and then purchase clean energy to make your consumption carbon neutral. When you offset your usage with the purchase of 1 ton of CO2, you'll pay only $15 and et a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream topped with peace of mind.

www.earthday.net/footprint/: worldwide, there exists 4.5 biologically productive acres per person. The average U.S. footprint is 24 acres. What's your footprint?

www.rep.org : The Green Elephant. This website is about the conservatives and republicans that care about the environment and want to combat global warming. Sustainability and protecting the environment go across party lines!

www.coopamerica.org/takeaction/ : there's always great information on this site and links to petitions that can make your opinion heard in a big way.

www.kilowattours.org : this documentary explores today's most urgent environmental issues and shows you how to save big on your energy bills.

www.ecotalkblog.com: a radio show that's "greening the blue and red states one show at a time" Betsy is a kick, check it out!

grist.org : my personal favorite. It's the easiest way to get updated with all the latest eco-news. Sign up for the e-newsletter, and the info is delivered right to your inbox. It gives short summaries about current articles and has interviews and an advice column; check it out!

www.eco-structure.com : Subscribe! It's free, and it's a great green building magazine.

www.eco.org : looking for a job/internship? The monster.com for the ecologically minded

earth911.org : Friendly tips for everything from air pollution prevention to cell phone battery recycling; "making every day Earth Day!"

treehugger.com : Learn about everything sustainable from accessories to workspace and the latest "not treehugger" items; those testaments to wastefulness!

Craigslist.org : Find cool stuff locally. Really, it's really cool, try it out!
Here are a few minutes from past meeting that
we have had in case you missed the meeting or
you want to know something specific that we
talked about:
Sustainable Living Meeting 1-11-06
Sustainable Living Meeting 1-19-06
Sustainable Living Meeting 1-26-06
Sustainable Living Meeting 2-8-06
Sustainable Living Meeting 3-29-06

Sustainable Living Meeting 4-5-06

Sustainable Living Meeting 5-30-06

Sustainable Living Meeting 9-20-06
Sustainable Living Meeting 9-27-06

Sustainable Living Meeting 1-7-07

Sustainable Living Meeting 2-11-07

Sustainable Living Meeting 2-18-07

Pizza with the Provost

Sustainable Living Meeting 2-25-07

Sustainable Living Meeting 3-4-07

Sustainable Living Meeting 3-11-07

Sustainable Living Meeting 4-2-07

Sustainable Living Meeting 4-13-07

Sustainable Living Meeting 4-29-07

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