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Formal Revision of Sustainability and Climate Action Plans


In Spring of 2016, the Office of Sustainability announced that the University was entering into a full revision of both the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan, with the public comment period ending on May 1, 2017. 

The public comment period has closed.  


The University will use this academic year as an opportunity to talk about sustainability and policy change in classrooms and University organizations campus-wide. During this Public Comment Period, individuals interested in getting involved by submitting a recommendation for a change to either Plan are encouraged to work together and research their topic before suggesting new/amended goals.  The Office of Sustainability will help individuals find one another by hosting mutliple Meet and Greet sessions on the various topics.  Alternatively, individuals who cannot attend the sessions are invited to email and we will work to help you connect with individuals with similar interests. 


The list of Meet and Greet Sessions for the Revision process are as follows: 

Fall 2016:

Wednesday, September 21, Baker 239: - Climate and Energy 
Wednesday, October 19, Baker 239:  - Food and Transportation 
Wednesday, November 16, Baker 239: - Finance and Grounds 


Spring 2017:

Wednesday, January 18, Baker 239:  Buildings
Wednesday, February 15, Baker 239: Academics and Outreach
Wednesday, Marrch 15, Baker 239: Amendment Vetting Sessions



The anticipated timeline for the revision process is as follows:


  • May 1, 2016-May 1, 2017: Public Comment Period. This is considered a Pre-Planning Process
  • Fall, 2017: Review of recommendations, development of a draft proposal (to include meetings with departments to discuss their own goals and how such goals fit in with the Sustainability Plan and other institutional documents).
  • Winter 2017: DRAFT submission of the revised documents by the Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee (EECC is the “monitoring agent” of the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan).
  • Winter 2017/2018 EECC discussion and voting on amendments will be made to both documents.
  • Spring Semester 2018: Formal submission of recommendation of changes are submitted to Ohio University's President for final approval of the proposed changes. Implementation will begin, ideally, by July 1, 2019. 


Please note that this timeline is tentative and subject to change. If more time is needed to complete the goal setting, vetting and approvals of a new Sustainability Plan, we will take that time. As this is the first time the University has created an updated Plan, the timeline is still being explored.