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How to Get Involved

SOUL offers opportunities for individuals with any schedule and desired time commitment to participate in furthering sustainability on campus. Check out our different options for getting involved! 


Weekly Sub-Group Meetings 

Our sub-group meetings are held every Wednesday in Baker 236 from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Meetings are open to any interested students, faculty, and staff, and typically involve discussion of various sustainability initiatives, strategizing and creation of tasks, professional development activities, or guest visitors. Each week's meeting is for a different sub-group: 


1st Wednesday of the month: Built Environments 

Addresses issues of land/resource management, parking, transportation, dining, and procurement 

2nd Wednesday of the month: Outreach and Education 

Addresses issues of sustainability literacy, curriculum, degree programs, research, and fundraising 

3rd Wednesday of the month: Waste Reduction 

Addresses issues of recycling, composting, dining education, and material reduction 

4th Wednesday of the month: Energy Efficiency 

Addresses issues of greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy, building efficiency, and environmental purchasing

 In addition, SOUL has "All-SOUL" meetings twice per semester, where all sub-groups convene to discuss progress. Stay updated on our Upcoming Events page for more information. 

Fall 2014 Schedule: Room and time TBD

Basecamp Online 

Another way to get involved is to sign up on our Basecamp account! Basecamp is our way of managing projects in an online forum, where members can access information from any location and discuss tasks and ideas. There are 35 different "projects" for each of the 35 benchmarks of the Sustainability Plan, and SOUL members are continually making updates by posting status updates, new to-do items, starting discussions and uploading documents. If you are interested in being added to our Basecamp account, e-mail to make contributions even if you're unable to attend meetings. 


SOUL Internships 

SOUL also offers volunteer and internship opportunities for those individuals interested in contributing to the administrative aspects of the program. The SOUL Admin team plays an important role in developing sustainability leadership through marketing, outreach, social media, website design, meeting coordination, member management, and other tasks for SOUL. Our Implementation Manager works with interns to assign responsibilities that both benefit the program and align with student interests and career goals. While working in the office, all interns and volunteers are expected to devote approximately 15% of their time towards professional development. With the help of the Director of Sustainability and our Professional Development Coordinator, students are advised through a skills-set assessment and guided in creating a plan for development of key skills for achieving post-graduation employment. Past interns have chosen to use this time by working on their resume, attending mock interviews or workshops with the Career Center, researching current events in their field of interest, and numerous other activities. Email for more information on internship opportunities.