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Outreach and Education Sub-Group

The Outreach and Education Sub-Group is working to further progress with all Outreach/Education and Behavior Change/Implementation Management goals in the Climate Action Plan and the following benchmarks in the Sustainability Plan:
Benchmark 6: Institute annual sustainability profile tracking and assessment process
Benchmark 8: Improve sustainability literacy of students, faculty, and staff
Benchmark 9: Increase enrollment in sustainability-themed courses, majors, and programs
Benchmark 10: Integrate sustainability goals and objectives into capital campaign
Benchmark 11: Provide undergraduate students with a sustainability-focused major, degree program, or equivalent
Benchmark 22: Implement recruitment strategies targeting sustainability-minded students, faculty, and staff
Benchmark 23: Strengthen sustainability research activities 
Benchmark 35: Define and track sustainability research activities

Meetings for Outreach and Education are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 3:30-5:00PM

Minutes from past Outreach and Education meetings can be viewed here