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History of SOUL

During the drafting of Ohio University's Climate Action Plan, SOUL emerged as an idea conceived by the Behavior Change and Implementation Management Sub-Council for bringing together diverse individuals across campus to implement sustainability goals. They visualized SOUL to be a liaison group creating a link between the Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee, the Office of Sustainability, and the campus community that would enable sustainability leadership among students, faculty, and staff. Following President McDavis' formal approval of the plan in November of 2012, Office of Sustainability staff began organizing the structure and plan for this new group. 

In January of 2013, the first meeting for SOUL was held. Since then, the group has evolved to include four different sub-groups that address the 35 different benchmarks of the Sustainability and Climate Action Plans, and has generated a strong membership of sustainability leaders. SOUL meetings are now held weekly on Wednesday afternoons, and participation is continually growing in size and strength.