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Ohio University is a STARS Silver rated institution

Ohio University’s Office of Sustainability is proud to announce that the University has received a “Silver” rating on its first Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System report.


The results of the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System, or STARS, report give Ohio University valuable information on where sustainable practices excel at OHIO and where the school has the opportunity to further address and support priorities.


“Through this report, we were pleased to discover that Ohio University has strong sustainability-related degree programs, we excel at co- and extracurricular campus engagement programs and our departmental coordination and collaboration is outstanding,” said Tess Phinney, reporting graduate assistant in the Office of Sustainability. “For instance, we’ve seen extraordinary advancements within departments such as Culinary, Transportation and Recycling just within this past year.”


The STARS report is a tool that can potentially help Ohio University re-evaluate institutional sustainability priorities. It will enable OHIO to regularly benchmark among institutions nationwide and critically analyze whether the priorities addressed on campus need to be amended.


Moving forward, Phinney will conduct an audit of Ohio University’s sustainability profile, and the reporting team will create consulting documents for key offices and departments on campus in an effort to catalyze sustainability actions.


“Part of the benefit to this submission is the public awareness and excitement it will generate on the topic,” said Elaine Goetz, sustainability specialist with the Office of Sustainability. “We would like to call the campus community to action by reviewing this submission and report any missing or inaccurate information to the Office of Sustainability so we can include it on future reports.”


STARS is a comprehensive analysis of all systems, programs, technologies and efforts across the entire campus which relate and contribute to the overall institutional sustainability profile. The report, which was accomplished through a collaborative effort across Ohio University, is divided into five main categories: academics, engagement, operations, planning and administration and innovation.


Because these categories were developed for use as a national comparison tool, not all credits are relevant to the University or, in some cases, credits have already been chosen as lower priorities for Ohio University given the unique social, environmental and financial values of the institution.


Additionally, in many cases, projects or planning are in their early stages and the university is not yet able to report on outcomes. Therefore, a lack of points achieved does not necessarily reflect a lack of effort or success.


“Over 70 employees and dozens of students helped us generate this first report. The STARS Team in the Office of Sustainability worked collaboratively with individuals across campus for several months in an effort to achieve this first rating,” said Annie Laurie Cadmus, director of sustainability. “If someone takes only one thing away from this report, it would be that sustainability truly is integrated campus-wide and that sustainability is a collaborative effort among all units across campus.”


Click here to view the full report online.


Individuals wishing to self-report any information for future sustainability reporting efforts may do so by emailing the STARS Reporting team at