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Revision Process

Goal Revisions

The Ohio University Sustainability Plan was developed in 2011. The Climate Action Plan was developed in 2012. As the institution realizes progress on the goals within those documents and each of the goals expire, amendments and revisions to both Plans are inevitable. 

Any member of the campus community is invited to recommend amendments to the Plans utilizing the Amendment Process as outlined by the Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee. 

In Spring of 2016, the Office of Sustainability announced that the University would be entering into a full revision of both the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan beginning in May 2017. The planning process will involve meeting withh campus constituents throughout campus to determine additions, edits and removal of goals for the next iteration of theh Plans. To jump-start the planning process, Office of Sustainability worked with academic and administrative programs at Ohio University to gather campus input on possible future changes. 



The projected timeline for the revision process is as follows:

  • May 1, 2016-May 1, 2017: Pre-Planning Phase, Public Comment Period.  
  • May 2-December, 2017: Review of recommendations, development of a draft proposal
  • December, 2017: DRAFT submission of the revised documents by the Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee (EECC is the “monitoring agent” of the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan).
  • January-May 2018: EECC discussion and voting on amendments will be made to both documents. Graphic design and formattting of content. 
  • June 2018: Formal submission of recommendation of changes are submitted to Ohio University's President for final approval of the proposed changes.  Implementation will begin immediately upon approval.