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Sustainability Plan

Ohio University Sustainability Reporting

Reporting Overview

Ohio University submits a sustainability-related report to the President and the Board of Trustees each year.  When Ohio University became an AASHE STARS (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System) member, the Office of Sustainability adopted a tri-annual reporting cycle, with reports on the  initial STARS submission in 2015; the  Climate Action Report in 2016; and the Sustainability Plan in 2017.  A second STARS submission is due in 2018.  Please offer feedback regarding reporting structure by emailing  sustainability@ohio.edu.

Sustainability Reports cover the prior fiscal year or years' progress toward the benchmark targets in the Ohio University Sustainability Plan.  

Climate Action Reports cover the prior fiscal year  or years' progress toward the Second Nature Carbon Commitment, signed by President Rod McDavis in 2009, through the lens of the Ohio University Climate Action Plan

STARS Reports summarize the AASHE  STARS submissions  highlights, results and categorical scores.  


Sustainability Reports

Please click on the links below to access Sustainability Reports

2013 Sustainability Report (data from FY12)

2014 Sustainability and Climate Action Report (data from FY13)

2017 Sustainability Report (data from FY14-F16; partial data from FY17)


Data Collection for Reports:

If you are listed as a "Responsible Reporting Party" in the Sustainability Plan or Climate Action Plan, you may submit your data via email to  sustainability@ohio.edu



Check out this Prezi created by former student, Jill Carlson, that helps explain some of the background and objectives of the Sustainability Plan and the Climate Action Plan.



Additional Documents:

Sustainability Plan, Version One (Summer 2011)

Sustainability Plan with Tracked Changes