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Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

Check out this Prezi created by former student, Jill Carlson, that helps explain some of the background and objectives of the Sustainability Plan and the Climate Action Plan.





Ohio University submitted its first Sustainability Plan Report to President Roderick McDavis in Fall 2012. All future reports will be submitted on a similar timetable to offer consistency in reporting. As this is an evolving process, anyone is invited to offer feedback regarding reporting structure by emailing sustainability@ohio.edu.


Data Collection Process:

In the near future, we hope this site will serve as an online reporting tool for the various campus constituents who assist in sustainable reporting at Ohio University. In the meantime, if you are listed as a "Responsible Reporting Party" in the Sustainability Plan or Climate Action Plan, you may submit your data via email to sustainability@ohio.edu


Additional Documents:

Sustainability Plan, Version One (Summer 2011)

Sustainability Plan with Tracked Changes