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Learn about Ohio University's In-vessel Composting Facility 

Ohio University currently produces Class II Compost and Class IV Compost. The Class II compost facility is the largest known in-vessel composting system at any college or university in the nation.  Food waste generated in the dining halls on campus is taken to this facility where it is processed into nutrient-rich soil amendment and then used on campus grounds and sold to the public.  Learn more about this system.

Buy soil amendment from our compost facility!

Community members are encouraged to utilize the nutrient-rich soil amendment generated at the Class IV compost facility.  Learn how to purchase soil amendment from the compost facility. 

Learn how to Compost On-Campus

Do you know what happens to your food waste when you dine in the dining halls on campus?  Are you an office or department interested in creating your own office compost program?  Learn more about composting on campus.


Compost Facility Tours

Are you a faculty member interested in bringing your class up to the compost facility?  Are you a staff member at another institution looking to develop a compost facility?  Or, are you a student club interested in learning more about organics recycling?  The staff in the Office of Sustainability would be happy to support your goals by offering a tour of the facility for groups of 6 or more.  Schedule a tour of the facility by filling out a tour request form