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Courses, Majors and Programs


Ohio University offers a multitude of courses and degrees on sustainability. To find classes that may interest you, check out these links:


For a chart showing sustainability course enrollment changes from 2013 to 2016, click here.

Sustainability Implementation Practicum:

The Office of Sustainability facilitates the Sustainability Implementation Practicum, ES 4832/5832. It involves students in a critical analysis of the Ohio University Sustainability Plan and/or community-based projects that support the Ohio University Office of Sustainability’s mission/vision. 


Students will be directly engaged in the exploration of contemporary activism, leadership, professionalism and local issues. More information on the course can be found here.


Energy Workshop

Pictured Above: Students participated in an energy audit of a local business through the Common Experience Project.  The effort was funded through a Sugar Bush grant focused on encouraging energy reduction in off-campus rental units. 


Common Experience Project on Sustainability

Ohio University has named "sustainability" as the theme for its innovative "Common Experience Project"; an interdisciplinary project intended to offer faculty the support and resources necessary to offer a common conversation in which all students can engage.

Common Experience Project Objectives:
  1. Identify an interdisciplinary set of learning opportunities led by faculty committed to incorporating sustainability and ecological concepts into their courses and supported by staff who will engage students outside the classroom in activities designed to enrich a student's understanding of these concepts.
  2. Align the project's goal and objectives with Ohio University's Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan so that project initiatives contribute to material progress on the implementation of those plans.
  3. Increase annually the number of faculty and staff involved in the project and thereby the range and diversity of learning opportunities available to students.
  4. Identify a set of metrics tied to student learning outcomes and quality measures such as satisfaction and assess annually the project's efficacy on those metrics and measures. 
  5. Use the project as a way to engender student's awareness of and engagement in the sustainability issues within the region of Southeast


Sustainability Theme

The college of Arts and Sciences now offers a unique opportunity to follow a course schedule focused on sustainability. For students who need to fulfill general education (Tier II) requirements, this is a great way to take the classes you need that all have the common theme of sustainability. To learn more about this program, click here to go to their website.


Sustainability Theme



Many faculty and staff members at Ohio University conduct research on sustainability-focused or related topics.  The Office of Sustainability collects information on such research and reports it to the Board of Trustees in the Sustainability Report and STARS submissions.  Click here for the most recent version of the sustainability researchers list, and here for the most recent details for externally funded sustainability research at Ohio University.


2017 Student Research and Creative Activity Expo Sustainability Award Winners!

Undergraduate 1st Place Winners:

  • Annie Chester & Alena Klimas, International Studies, mentor: Nukhet Sandal

    "Sustainable Urban Agriculture Initiative in Amman, Jordan"

Klimas Expo poster winnerKlimas Expo poster winner

  • Abbey Rodjom, Voinovich School, mentor: Sarah Davis

    "Soil Gas Emissions of the Cellulosic Bioenergy Crop Miscanthus x Giganteus"


Undergraduate 2nd Place Winners:

  • Brian Mansfield & Mahtab NaderiNasrabadi, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, mentor: John Staser

    "Synthesis of Ni-Co Electrocatalysts for Electrochemical conversion of biorefinery waste to high-value phenolic compounds"

  • Ayden Wilson, Biological Sciences, mentor: Viorel Popescu

    "Are flies pollen their weight? Data mining social media for information on fly (Diptera) pollinators"


Graduate 1st Place Winners:

  • Alex Burke, Environmental Studies, mentor: Derek Kaunecki

    "An Integrated Toolbox to Evaluate the Potential of Solar PV Electricity at OHIO University"

  • Taylor Snelick, Voinovich School, mentor: Kelly Johnson

    "Insect Biodiversity in Three Different Types of Biofuel Crop and Land Use in Ohio"


Graduate 2nd Place Winners:

  • Seema Mahato, Educational Studies, mentor: Krisanna Machtmes 

    "Utilization Focused Evaluation of the Uses and Benefits of Food Dehydration for Communities in Southeast Ohio"

  Seema Mahato Expo poster 

  • Jonathan Norris, Environmental Studies, mentor: Derek Kaunecki

    "Transitioning Central Appalachia - Understanding Framework Conditions Supporting Adaptation to New Energy Economies"