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Alternative Transit



It is easy to travel to Ohio University by means other than single occupancy vehicles (SOVs).  Alternative transit options for short and long distance trips are listed below.  Please refer to the Office of Transportation and Parking Services webpage for additional information.


By Bike

HAB T-Shirt Design

The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is a paved path that runs more than 20 miles along the Hocking River through Athens, past the edges of Chauncey and The Plains, through part of Wayne National Forest, to Nelsonville. 

Mile markers (see image above) are painted at all full and half mile locations along the Bikeway.  There are also wooden posts signifying all full and half miles on the Bikeway.  The mile markers were painted by volunteers using stencils that were custom-designed through the Communities Preventing Chronic Disease program of the Athens City-County Health Department.  These stencils, inspired by historic brick designs of the region, connect cyclists to the history of Southeast Ohio.

Ohio University serves as a steward of the section of the bikeway stretching from OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital to Stimson Avenue.  When traveling on the path in the eastern City of Athens portion of the path, a cyclist can access all of the stores on East State Street.  On the northern section of the path, a cyclist can access the Historic Square Arts District in Nelsonville.

The more ambitious cyclist may want to save on rent by living in Nelsonville, The Plains, or Chauncey and cycle to school or work each day in the City of Athens. The path has restrooms and drinking fountains at various stops.   Hockhocking Adena Bikeway Map. Athens, Ohio

The University's section of the bikeway underwent major repairs in 2014 and 2015.  The repaving project cost approximately $300,000 and was done in an effort to uphold a responsibility to provide safe and active transportation options to the campus community.   

The Office of Sustainability represents the University on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway Commission.  If you need to report a problem with a section of the pathway which sits on University property , please email the Office of Sustainability at sustainability@ohio.edu.  

To learn more about the bikeway, its rules and how to host an event along the Bikeway, contact the Athens County Visitors Bureau.

Bike Maps

If your commute to work, school, or elsewhere is not along the bikeway, Cycle Path Bicycle Shop offers a free, printable bicycle commuter map for Athens. The map is color-coded so the commuter knows which roads have the least automobile traffic.

The Southeast Ohio Bicycle Map contains four maps showing road conditions and routes for Athens and surrounding counties, with inset details for Athens, the Plains, Logan, and Nelsonville. Printed on environmentally friendly Yupo, the SE Ohio Bicycle Map is completely waterproof, tear-proof, and will inspire years of rides through the region. Copies of the map are available for purchase by Athens Bicycle Club.

Bike Repairs & Gear
If you need bike repairs, parts, clothing, rental, or are looking to purchase a bike, there are three bicycle shops located in Athens: Cycle Path Bicycle Shop, The Pedaler & The Packer and Athens Bicycle.

Bike Registration
For security reasons, students should register their bikes with the Ohio University Police Department  (593-1911) and store them either in bike storerooms (located on New South) or at bike racks located outside of some academic buildings and dormitories.

Bike Path

By Public Transportation

Green Cab

This taxi service is extra green! Get a sustainable ride around Athens or to the airport in a Prius! Call (740) 594-7336.

Ohio University Airport Shuttle

Receive guaranteed seating and excellent customer service by choosing to carpool with your travel buddies through the Ohio University Airport Shuttle. This is an excellent option for Bobcats choosing to travel to/from the Port Columbus Airport. Reservations can easily be made online and a variety of payment options exist for OHIO students.  

Athens Airport Express
Athens Airport Express offers transportation service to and from Athens and Port Columbus International Airport. Hours of operation are 24/7. Please call for rates. Accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover Card. Call (740)-590-4686

Athens Public Transit
The Athens Public Transit system runs several bus routes that community members, students, faculty and staff can take advantage of. Thanks to a pilot program called Bobcat Pass, anyone with a University ID card can ride the bus for free, regardless of route! Call (740)-592-2727 for more information.  How to ride the Athens Public Transit pictorial tutorial.

CATCAB, which stands for Campus Area Transportation Cutting Across Boundaries, is designed to serve people with temporary or permanent disabilities that make walking across campus difficult. People with wheelchairs, crutches or walking devices, and those who have health problems that prevent walking long distances are encouraged to use this service. CATCAB will transport from off-campus to on-campus, on-campus to on-campus and on-campus to off-campus locations within their designated service area.

The Campus Area Transit System is a FREE bus for University students, faculty, staff and visitors throughout campus. No pass or ID is needed to ride. Just look for the many bus stop signs around campus and hop on a CATS shuttle.

Go Bus
The GoBus Intercity Bus Service is a collaborated effort between Ohio Department of Transportation, The City of Athens, and Hocking Athens Perry Community Action. The project is part of a nationwide effort to connect rural areas and urban centers that result in connections of greater regional, statewide, and national significance. The buses run each route twice daily with connections to Greyhound's nationwide system and the Port Columbus International Airport providing Southeast Ohio residents with greater access and mobility.


By Car Share


ZipCar with Ohio University wrap

Ohio University is partnering with "zipcar" to offer car-sharing to students, faculty and staff on its Athens campus. The program is a membership-based car rental option that offers a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective transportation alternative. Members can easily reserve a vehicle on the zipcar website  or by using an app on a smart phone.

Employee Carpool

University employees interested in carpooling to work may contact Human Resources for the names and phone numbers of other employees who live in your area.


By Foot


Sustainability Walking Map:

A free  Sustainability Walking Map  is available online for anyone interested in exploring the various sustainable features of campus and the local community.  This map is constantly being updated, so please feel welcomed to email us with suggested additions (sustainability@ohio.edu).  

There are plenty of ways to get around Athens sustainably.

Walk Score

Are you looking for a new apartment and want to find out the neighborhood's "walkability" rating? Check out the website WalkScore.com to determine the distance to amenities such as parks, grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, and more.


Campus Fleet

Ohio University's Office of Transportation and Parking Service s has added several new Leaf and Volt vehicles to its campus fleet.  These vehicles are available for rent through the University's motor pool rental process.  Students, faculty and staff will be able to utilize the vehicles at Baker Center and Human Resources and Training Center through an on-campus car-sharing program and can utilize the Agile Fleet Commander software to rent the motor pool vehicles.  



Charging Stations

Students, faculty and staff at Ohio University are now able to charge their electric vehicles while on campus.  Charging stations have been installed at 5 strategic locations: 
- LOT 90 - Double Charging Station (near Morton)
- LOT 111 -Double Charging Station (near Stocker)
- LOT 122 -Double wall mount station in lower level and a future double station at surface level (near Baker) 
- LOT 132 -Double Charging Station (near Peden)
- LOT 147 -Double Charging Station (near Human Resources, pictured below)

EV Charging


To utilize these stations, drivers must first register  their vehicles with Parking Services  when they purchase a University permit and then simply create an account with ParkMobile.  The user will pay for parking at the charging station through Park Mobile's easy to use payment app.  

EV Station


Whether you're an expert at riding public transit or you have never stepped foot on a public bus, we're here to help you learn how to get around town without driving a car.  


Our staff wanted to learn how to ride the   Athens Public Transit   bus system, so we took a field trip to learn how their system worked.  


The first thing we needed to do was learn how to purchase tickets for the bus.  We went to the   Athens Public Transit website   about bus fares and we learned that there are several different ways to purchase tickets.  Tickets are offered as single rides, punchards and unlimited-use passes. Such flexibility allows a person to purchase the type of bus fare that fits their unique transportation needs.    We also discovered that if you have a Ohio University ID card, you can ride the bus for free! 


Once we had our ticket fare figured out, we were ready to ride!  There are many convenient bus stops throughout the City of Athens and The Plains.  On the day of our field trip, w  e departed at the bus stop located outside of 4th floor Baker Center (pictured above) in Athens, Ohio.


If you are not familiar with the   Athens Public Transit   system, you can ask the friendly bus drivers about their route. Elaine, an Office of Sustainability employee, made sure we had found the correct bus before we all hopped on (pictured above).


Watch your step as you're getting on the bus! Janice was especially excited to ride. 

If you require any special accommodations for riding the bus, Athens Public Transit has some excellent services in place to support you.  The buses are wheelchair accessible. A personal care attendant may ride free of charge while providing service for a passenger with a disability. Service animals are permitted to accompany the customer they are assisting on the bus and can legally roam free about the bus.  Other pets but must be on a leash/harness or carrier at all times.


If you're a biker looking for a way to shorten your trip, avoid certain hills or get our of the rain, you're in luck!  All of the Athens City Transit buses have exterior bike racks located at the front of the bus, which makes commuting around town without a car even easier.

Paying your bus fare

When you get on board, you just have to drop your single ride ticket or your dollar bill into the slot for the bus fare.  If you have a year pass, a punch card, or an Ohio University ID, just hand it over to the bus driver and you're all set.  It's really that easy! Pictured above is Sam, Office of Sustainability employee, placing his ticket into the slot after asking the bus driver how to pay.  

Finding seats on the bus.

We were able to find seats easily and the bus was very clean, as you can see in the photo above.  Just before departure, we looked at the  Athens Public Transit bus maps   to find the bus stops closest to our homes.

Requesting a bus stop

Do you know how to alert the bus driver if you need to get off at a stop?  Just pull the cord located over the seats!  Liz helped us out by pulling the cord when we wanted to stop at the Athens Farmers' Market on East State Street.


We stopped at the Market on State so we could check out the Athens Farmers' Market.  The Athens Mall, Athena Grand (movie theater), and some restaurants are also located at this convenient stop.  The bus stop for this location is directly under the main entrance (under the Elder-Beerman sign).  

Using the DoubleMap bus route app

When we got back on the bus, Elaine taught us how to use the   DoubleMap bus route app   on her smart phone (pictured above). We were impressed how the app showed where the bus was in real time!  Both the website or the phone app are great tools for commuters who want to check on the location of a bus. 

Athens Public Library bus stop

We were impressed by the signage at the bus stops and at important City of Athens features. Sam demonstrated the location of the bus stop for the   City of Athens Library   (part of the   Athens County Public Libraries  ). Its stop is right on East State Street and then it's just a short walk to the library.

Athens Public Transit bus

We switched to a different bus at the end of our journey. It's good to remember that there are a few different models of buses in their fleet. Don't let that intimidate you. If you ever have a question, the bus driver can help you determine if it's the right bus route for you.  They are there to help you get to your destination and they welcome your questions.

Thanks, Athens Public Transit!

Our entire staff had a great time riding public transportation in Athens, Ohio.  We are grateful to Athens Public Transit and, in particular, our friendly bus driver, for providing a safe and reliable alternative commuting option right here in Athens, Ohio!


All it took was one ride for our staff to learn how to comfortably ride the bus system.  We hope you choose public transit soon! 


If you have questions about how to ride the bus that are not noted here, head on over to the   Athens Public Transit   website.