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The University's Design  & Construction Standards mandate that all new construction or renovations exceeding costs of $2 million must be built to LEED Silver standards.
Currently, there are over 260,000 square feet of LEED-certified buildings on OHIO campuses. The Athens campus has 211,250
combined square feet of Silver-certified buildings, including  Walter International Education Center, Nelson Court Dining Hall,
and Schoonover Center for Communication Phase I. Schoonover Center for Communication Phase II brings in 34,950 of Gold-
certified square footage. The Chillicothe campus is also on the map with the Tech Studies Addition, contributing 14,000 square
feet in the Certified category. As of January 26, 2017, The District on West Green (formerly Boyd Dining Hall) is certified LEED Gold. This adds an additional 29,920 gross square feet of LEED-certified space, making OHIO's  total closer to 290,000 square feet.


The photos below highlight green building features in our LEED-certified buildings.

15 Park Place 

15 Park Place, or the Walter International Education Center, is the home of the Office of Global Opportunities and International Student and Faculty Services.  It was the first LEED certified building (12130 sq ft, LEED Silver) at Ohio University.  



The Scripps College of Communications completed two building projects, Scripps Phase I and Scripps Phase II. 

Scripps Phase I was a substantial renovation of Schoonover Center.  Scripps Phase I is a 110290 sq ft LEED Silver certified project.

Scripps Phase II was a smaller renovation of Schoonover Center (34950 sq ft), and it was awarded LEED Gold certification.


McCracken Hall


Green building display in McCracken McCracken Hall's green building display, highlighting LEED features of the recent renovation.


Tupper Hall


Housing Phase I

Housing Phase I, which includes Tanaka, Luchs, Carr and Sowle residence halls, is a certified LEED Silver project.


Chubb Hall Student LEED Evaluation 

FY13 Student Report on Chubb Hall   By Rich Wilson 


Green Cleaning Policy 

OHIO's Green Cleaning Policy