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Sustainable Administration Hub: Investment

Sustainable Administration Hub: Investments

Sustainable Administration Hub: Investment

Those investing Ohio University's financial resources must meet their fiduciary responsibilities to Ohio University and its public purposes.  One of the ways to meet fiduciary responsibilities is to consider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors when making investments.

Investments with high ESG ratings typically are lower risk, higher yield, and less subject to negative public attention.  At Ohio University, two student groups (the Fixed Income Management Group and the equity Management Group) have been investing several million dollars of the University’s general fund following ESG investment guidelines for most of the past decade.

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The Sustainability Project Laboratory is a database of sustainability-related project proposals. This resource hosts projects and project ideas that can be adopted by faculty, staff, and students for course projects, capstone or senior projects, theses, and more.

To find investment related projects just type "investment" into the search bar at the top of the database, or click the Sustainability Project Laboratory icon to the right.




Investments Category, Draft 2021 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan


2021 Initiatives

Initiative (Lead department/Unit) SCAP Alignment

Sustainable Investment Group (College of Business)

Experiential learning exercise run by students and focused on responsible investments
Increase investments that support sustainable economic activity


Hub-Related Initiatives

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Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis GUI Tool

Ohio University Experts

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Adam Rapp


Professor of Sales; Executive Director Schey Sales Centre
David Gaume
Chief Investment Officer, Foundation Accounting
Dabelko, Geoff

Professor and Associate Dean Voinvovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs
Fogt Ryan fogtr@ohio.edu

Sustainable administration Hub Coordinator and Professors of Geography

Elaine Goetze goetze@ohio.edu Director of Energy Management & Sustainability