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Common Experience Project

Common Experience Project on Sustainability




Ohio University has named "sustainability" as the theme for its innovative "Common Experience Project"; an interdisciplinary project intended to offer faculty the support and resources necessary to offer a common conversation for all students to engage in.


Common Experience Project Objectives:
  1. Identify an interdisciplinary set of learning opportunities led by faculty committed to incorporating sustainability and ecological concepts into their courses and supported by staff who will engage students outside the classroom in activities designed to enrich a student's understanding of these concepts.
  2. Align the project's goal and objectives with Ohio University's Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan so that project initiatives contribute to material progress on the implementation of those plans.
  3. Increase annually the number of faculty and staff involved in the project and thereby the range and diversity of learning opportunities available to students.
  4. Identify a set of metrics tied to student learning outcomes and quality measures such as satisfaction and assess annually the project's efficacy on those metrics and measures. 
  5. Use the project as a way to engender student's awareness of and engagement in the sustainability issues within the region of Southeast
Faculty: Are you looking for ideas for integration of sustainability in your classroom?

Sign-up for one or more co-curricular experiences, provided by the Common Experience Project on Sustainability Committee.

Check out our Sustainability Project Idea List.  

Email sustainability@ohio.edu if you're interested in more information.


Additional Resources: 

Listing of participating faculty/courses.