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Apply: Internships

Office of Sustainability student staff and interns play a key role in the development of quality sustainable programs at Ohio University.  Since sustainability is a truly interdisciplinary topic, the members of our student staff come from a diverse set of academic disciplines and personal interests.  

All members of the OU student staff are trusted with meaningful projects that advance the office's goals and mission while contributing to student success.  During their time in the office, students are invited to dedicate approximately 15% of their time on professional development.  Through the help of the Director of Sustainability and the Professional Development Coordinator, students are guided through a skills-set assessment and then develop a plan for thoughtful reflection and development of personal skills.  This is done in an effort to allow students to proactively approach their plans after graduation.



Undergraduate Student Staff Positions:

There are currently no undergraduate paid positions available


Students are invited to work with their academic program to propose internship positions for credit.  Office of Sustainability is happy to serve as a host site for a variety of for-credit internships.



Graduate Assistantships: 

Each year, the Office of Sustainability collaborates with various institutional programs to offer a variety of Graduate Assistantships.  Titles and responsibilities of these positions change slightly each year to accommodate the unique skills and interests of our successful candidates. 

FY14 Graduate Assistantship Positions:

  • Reporting Coordinator (position filled for FY 14)
  • Outreach Coordinator (position filled for FY 14)
  • Education Coordinator (position filled for FY 14)
  • Finance and Research Coordinator (position filled for FY14)
  • Garden Manager (position filled for FY14)
  • All GA openings for the Office of Sustainability will be posted online each spring through the Graduate School.