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Office of Sustainability General Contact Information




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Elaine Goetz

Director of Sustainability




Elaine has been the Director of Sustainability since November, 2018.  She was the Interim Director from March through October, 2018, and was the  Sustainability Specialist prior to that, beginning in June 2014. She has a PhD in Civil Engineering (water treatment) and degrees in Chemical Engineering (B.S.), Chemistry (B.S.), and Bioengineering (M.S.). She is a LEED AP O&M and has an Engineering Intern certification.  Elaine is the sustainability reporter for the university, creating reports for the Second Nature Carbon Commitment, AASHE STARS, US EPA Green Power Partnership, and the Ohio University Board of Trustees.  She also works with the Ohio University Director of Utilities and Environmental Engineer on Climate, Energy and Water initiatives, the Sustainable Investing Advisory Committe and the Sustainability Alumni Network on Investing initiatives, Culinary Services and the Food Studies Theme on Food initiatives, Procurement on Procurement initiatives, and with various professors across campus on Academic initiatives.  Elaine's husband, Doug, is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering professor at Ohio University, and one of their 4 sons is an Ohio University graduate student.  Elaine enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing and watching soccer, playing tennis, biking, reading, and vegetable gardening. Please contact Elaine if you have questions related to initiatives in her topic areas.


Samuel E. Crowl

Associate Director of Sustainability



Sam’s position with the Office of Sustainability began in June 2014. Prior to joining the office, he taught in Ohio University’s Department of History as a part-time instructor. Sam holds a B.A. in English from Lawrence University (Appleton, WI), an M.A. in International Affairs (Southeast Asian Studies) from Ohio University, and is almost finished with a Ph.D. in History (Southeast Asia) at OHIO. Sam grew up in Athens and returned in 1996 after living for many years in Osaka, Japan and Washington, D.C., where he worked for the Institute of International Education. Sam and his wife have three children, and the whole family enjoys playing soccer, hiking, biking, reading, and sustainably renovating their home. Please contact Sam if you have questions related to Buildings, Transportation, Zero Waste, Grounds, Human Resources, or Student Affairs sustainability initiatives.  Sam is also the office contact for events and marketing.



2018-2019 Graduate Assistants

Meg Little

Tree Care Coordinator and Ecohouse Liaison

Meg Little staff photo

Meg Little is an Environmental Studies master's candidate in the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. Meg works closely with the OU Landscape Coordinator to plan educational events and build student awareness around the importance of trees on campus as part of the Tree Campus USA certification. She also lives at the OU Ecohouse, where she manages sustainable living programming. Some of her current projects involve building a map of hemlock trees on campus to help future management of an encroaching invasive hemlock pest, as well as creating OU’s Sustainable Landscape Plan. Meg loves birding, baking bread, biking, backpacking, and any other activities that start with “b”.


Vicky Kent

Sustainable Living Coordinator

Vicky Kent

Vicky Kent is a graduate student from the UK studying Recreation Studies in the Patton College of Education. She plans to specialize in Outdoor Recreation & Education within her master’s program. As the Sustainable Living Coordinator, Vicky focuses on implementing events and workshops for the Sustainable Living Floor and OHIO Ecohouse. Additionally, Vicky supports the management of the Sustainability Tracking and Evaluation Program (STEP). In the future, Vicky aims to continue her studies internationally and is interested in publishing and presenting research which combines her interests in outdoor recreation, sustainability, commerce and education. In her free time, Vicky likes to work out, explore new places, try out new recipes and spend quality time with friends and family. 


Afi Ghamli

Strategic Communications Coordinator

Afi Ghamli staff photo

Afi is a graduate student from Ghana in the Communication and Development Studies program. As the Strategic Communications Coordinator, Afi develops and implements campaigns for the Office of Sustainability through communications and marketing. She coordinates web content, social media and media relations. Afi enjoys travelling, reading and planning social events in her spare time.


2018-2019 Undergraduate Staff

Vanessa Thiel

Strategic Communications Assistant

Vanessa Thiel

Vanessa is a sophomore studying Urban Planning and Sustainability and Environmental Health. She is the sustainability implementation coordinator. She leads the Sustainable Ohio University Leaders (SOUL) to help them support sustainable efforts on campus. In the future, Vanessa hopes to help cities and their citizens become more aware of their environmental impact. She hopes to improve upon the infrastructure cities already have and help them become more green, beautiful places to live. Vanessa is also the sustainability events coordinator at Campus Recycling and a peer mentor. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her fellow Margaret Boyd Scholars and going to sporting events here on campus! Go Bobcats!


Benton Wright

Sustainability Reporting Assistant

Benton Wright Benton is a senior studying Urban Planning and Sustainability. He is also the Sustainability Reporting Assistant at the Office since January 2018, and the Vice President of Eco Reps, a Student Organization committed to sustainability outreach to the student population. Benton focuses on compiling data for reports such as STARS, Carbon Commitment, and We Are Still in, in addition to the Climate Action Plan and Sustainability Plan. Benton aims to use his education at Ohio University and beyond to improve communities by focusing on the triple bottom line of sustainability: Social Equity, Environmental Stewardship, and Economic Prosperity. Benton also works at OU Outdoor Pursuits and enjoys hiking and exploring Athens with his friends and family. 




Sustainable Food Analyst Andy Mayse

Andy Mayse is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering in the Russ College of Engineering, planning to specialize in HVAC systems. As the sustainable food analyst, Andy will be responsible for the “research methods of local food purchase collection and reporting”. To fully gather all the information needed for reporting purposes, Andy splits his time between the Office of Sustainability and Culinary Services. Andy hopes that through his work, those on campus will become more aware of the impact food has on the environment. In his free time, Andy likes to mountain bike, trail run, and read novels. 


Greysan Kerns

Sustainability Programs Assistant

Greysan Kerns staff photo

Greysan Kerns is a Junior studying Environmental Geography. He is the Event Coordinator for Ohio University's Geography Club and spends time volunteering with Good Works, serving as a connection between Ohio University and people in the community struggling with food securities. In the future, Greysan plans to use his education and knowledge to help improve communities specializing in environmental justice issues such as food, water, and air security, not only at home but also abroad. Greysan enjoys practicing the piano, photography, traveling and hiking with friends and his dog. 





Why professional development? Here at the Office of Sustainability, we think it is of vital importance that we teach our employees how to succeed in the careers and fields that interest them. Not only do we help them discover what they want to do with their lives, we help them find ways to incorporate sustainability into their chosen professions. With our professional development program, we aim to promote a brighter future, personally and environmentally.

Please note: This website's purpose is to serve as a resource for our employees. While we encourage interested parties outside of our office to review the offerings below, these resources were created for the use of current students and staff within the Office of Sustainability.  Resources or services associated with the information below are only available to our current students



Career Development


Find your dream job

In what types of jobs can you see yourself working for the rest of your life? Which careers would inspire you, keep you motivated, and encourage you to fulfill you potential? Complete this Dream Job Analysis to discover your skills, strengths, and potential career goals:

Dream Job Analysis
Once Office of Sustainability staff/employees have completed the activity, send your work to either your supervisor or the student responsible for managing professional development and set up and appointment to discuss your goals for this year.


Critically analyze your academic and career goals

Did you select a major that adequately fits into your long-term goals?  Do you know what types of sustainability-related career options are available to you with your chosen major?  Take some time with a career advisor, mentor, or professor to weigh your options and adjust your plans as necessary.  Many online resources exist to support such an analysis.  Try starting with the  Green Degrees and Careers Guide  created by UCLA's Sustainability Coordinator in partnership with Affordrable Colleges Online.  


Build your resume 

Building a resume is an important first step to getting the job of your dreams. The content you fill it with must not only be well worded, it must also look organized and professional, catching the eye of a potential employer. Check out this document from Career Services to get started:
Resume Writing
After making a basic draft of your resume, students should set-up an appointment with Career Services to received feedback.  Career Services can be reached directly at 593-2909.


Career and Leadership Development Center

Need help with your resume? Is there a job or graduate school interview in your future? Do you have specific career questions you need answered? Get in touch with the  CLDC  in Baker Center for free help on any of these areas and more!


Join a professional organization

Get ahead in your field of interest by joining a professional organization. There are many benefits in doing so, including:

  • Direct access to current professionals in the field
  • Resources and tools for you to learn more and stay up-to-date on topics of interest
  • Smaller fees for student membership, which can sometimes continue after graduation

To find an organization, you can Google search “professional organization” along with the title of your field, or you can talk to a few of the faculty members and professors in your college. Are they members of any organizations? If not, which ones they would recommend?

I'm in college, now what?  

If you're still undecided or unsure about your major, don't worry! It takes time to find out what you want to do in life. Take this  career quiz  to help you along in your journey to self-discovering. This specific website gives you a list of many different options to look into depending on your personality and interests.


Where can your major take you? 

No matter what you major in, there are many different paths you can take and careers options you can pursue. If you find yourself unsure of what you can do with your degree, take a look at the document below for tips and advice. Then set up an appointment with your supervisor to further brainstorm the pros and cons of each and what careers best fit your skills and interests.
Where can your major take you?



Online Professionalism

Dress up your email signature 

A well-organized email signature is a wonderful way to make a great first impression. When inquiring about an available position within a company you'd like to work for or simply contacting one of your professors, it is important that they catch a glimpse of the type of person you are and what qualities you possess. Review this document for tips on how to make a professional email signature:
Email Signature Tips and Ideas


Create a LinkedIn account 

Want to get a foot in the door of success? LinkedIn is a fantastic website that allows you to create an online profile, which can be used to find jobs, connect with colleagues, and advertise your experience, education, and skills to the world. Review these documents created by LinkedIn itself to maximize the potential of your profile:
Networking on LinkedIn 
Building a Professional LinkedIn


Create your own website

If you want to have a better Internet presence, this may be a good option for you. When you apply for a job, some employers may search your name online, and it is important to make sure they don't see anything you don't want them to see. With that said, creating your own website is a great way to show your professionalism and to give them a good resource to learn more about your assets and skills. 
There are many different avenues for making your own website. SnapPages.com is one of the most user-friendly websites and has been used by many previous student employees in the office.  


Writing a professional email

When contacting anyone via email, it is vital that you present yourself in a professional manner. People can learn a lot about a person based on the content and presentation of the written word – it is how they gauge what type of person you are and how you carry yourself in a professional setting. Here are some good tips for  writing a professional email.


Cleaning up your Facebook image

When job searching, it is likely that potential employers will conduct an online search of your name.  Facebook is commonly one of the earlier search results that will appear.  Therefore, it is important for you to know how to maintain a professional presence on Facebook to anyone outside of your friends who many view your profile.  The tips provided in this  "Facebook Cleaning"  document have been compiled and prepared by a student employee in the Office of Sustainability.  Choose which tips you feel are most applicable to your own desires and needs as they relate to the image you wish to present to potential employers.



Personal Development


S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Creating goals for yourself is one of the best ways to stay motivated and on top of your progress. What are some smaller, realistic goals you can set for yourself now to promote your larger goals later on in life? What is a goal you'd like to see yourself reach by the time you graduate or even by the time you retire?   This activity will help you set those goals so you can better monitor your progress and remind yourself often of where you want to be in the future.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals


Develop a workshop

Conducting a workshop is a fantastic way to learn more about a skill or topic you are passionate about while simultaneously enhancing your presentation skills. Use this opportunity to research something you find interesting and want to know more about, teach others a skill you have that can benefit them in their own personal or professional lives, or find new ways to incorporate sustainability into your career.  To create your own workshop, reach out to the Professional Development Coordinator for guidance on how to begin and to inform them of any costs you feel may be associated with it.  

Don't have time to create your own? Go to an already existing workshop to learn about something someone else is passionate about. These opportunities will be posted on Yammer or sent in the weekly OoS email as they are scheduled, so be on the look out! 


Join a student organization on campus 

What's important to you? What are you passionate about? Find a topic of interest and join a group of students with the same interests while simultaneously bulking-up your resume. Campus Involvement Center manages a  directory of student organizations  on campus and you can find one that interests you.

As an employee of the Office of Sustainability, there are many group that focus on sustainability that may interest you. Immersing yourself in the green community will allow you to find your true passions in sustainability. Look into some of these groups and find one that suits your interests: Eco Reps, Sierra Student Coalition, OUCAN, Sustainable Ohio University Leaders, Save Our Seas, Sustainable Living Floor, and many more!


Learn a new skill: Excel and Publisher tricks

Many employers will want employees who have mastered standard office software such as Word, Publisher and Excel.  Office of Sustainability occasionally offers training sessions to its students so as to improve their knowledge base.  The Tri-County Adult Career Center in Nelsonville, Ohio is an exceptional resource for skill development.  Their friendly staff prepared these "cheat sheets" on  Publisher 2010  and  Excel 2010.


OoS Staff: Once you have completed any of the available opportunities, please email your supervisor to notify the OoS of your work and to ask for further guidance if interested.