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Routes is the Office of Sustainability's online newsletter that was launched in­ January 2012.

Beginning in October 2014, Routes will no longer be a magazine. In an effort to report more consistently and be transparent with our sustainability initiatives and progress, the Office of Sustainability will email the GreenNetwork listserv subscribers on a regular basis (at least monthly).  SOUL updates, campus and community news, as well as involvement opportunities will be featured.

This newsletter is publicized through the Office of Sustainability listserv.­ To join the listserv, visit



Routes Issue 8: Bikes (April 2014)

Routes Issue 7: Beyond Athens­ (February 2014)

Routes Issue 6: Dirt (October 2013)

Routes Issue 5: Zero Waste (April 2013)

Routes Issue 4: Technology (February 2013)

Routes Issue 3: Business (October 2012)

Routes Issue 2: Community (May 2012)

Routes Issue 1:­Energy­ (March 2012)

Routes Sneak Peak: Pilot­ (January 2012)



Routes Issue8


Planet OHIO

Planet OHIO is Office of Sustainability's previous, hard-copy newsletter.­ Back-issues of Planet OHIO may be available upon request.



Sustainability in the News

October 2012: Common Experience Project has named "sustainability" as the program's theme for the next several years.­ View the full Compass article online.