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The Sustainability Work Center

Please Note: The Sustainability Work Center is a tool to be utilized only by Ohio University offices, departments and programs. If you are an external entity that would like to request the support of our office, please send your inquiry to the Director of Sustainability by emailing


Office of Sustainability is committed to assisting other offices, departments and programs campus-wide in their effort to be more sustainable. We are excited to note that the requests for research and support from our office has recently increased considerably. In an effort to streamline our efforts and serve our campus more efficiently, we ask that any office that would like to request support do so using the request form below.


Samples of Work Center requests that we have received in the past inlcude:

  • Perform a study that evaluates the sustainable-attributes of hand dryers and paper towel usage at Ohio University so that we may develop Design Standards for future LEED construction projects.
  • Conduct a campus- and community-wide survey on bike rack preferences so that we may establish a design standard for Ohio University's Athens campus.


After completing a work request form, please email any supplemental materials to (please put the project name in the subject line).  Our team will then evaluate each work request and respond to the submitter via email to determine next steps.  While we work hard to assist all offices in their efforts to be more sustainable, please note that we do have limited staffing in our office and are, therefore, unable to accept all requests.


Questions can be emailed to

Please be as detailed as possible about what you hope we can help you accomplish.

Do you have additional information that we should review before evaluating this project request (i.e. attachments, email chains, previous research, etc.?) If you mark "yes" please email that information to