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Eco Reps

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Meetings: Mondays at 6:30pm in Baker 226*
(*except March 20, which will be in Morton 320)


Our Mission:

Eco Reps is a student organization focused on offering friendly, sustainable education to its peers in a multitude of ways. We also participate in various ecological volunteer opportunities around Athens in order to improve the community and collaborate with other organizations, including the Office of Sustainability, to promote environmentalism. Eco Reps strives to encourage a sustainable culture around campus by example; we aim to be personally sustainable, constantly educating ourselves about what it means to live a green lifestyle.

Alex Slaymaker


Our Work:

Education – We teach students about sustainability through educational initiatives as well as leading by example. Our main course of outreach is offering dorm programs to Residence Assistants in which we teach their residents about various sustainability topics in a fun, creative way. Some of our programs include education on the importance of plants, the process of composting, and ways to reuse items.

Volunteer work – This year, we have taken part in several activities: Planting trees at Wayne National Forest, trail-building with a nearby church in Nelsonville, and digging up potatoes at one of OHIO’s student-run gardens to donate to CFI (Community Food Initiatives). We also plan to take part in several other opportunities, including Beautification Day in April and anything else we can find!

Collaboration – We work closely with the Office of Sustainability and Recycling Services to help them achieve their goals, further promoting sustainability across campus. Currently, we are helping the Office of Sustainability create educational bulletin boards for Residence Assistants. With Recycling Services, we have been involved in promoting Recyclemania, a competition among colleges nationwide to recycle the most content.

And much more! – The work we get involved in changes as new opportunities arise. We are constantly looking for ways to further our outreach and education to the campus and the community.

Do you have questions? Notice any problems with our campus that you wish you could fix? Contact us! We are always interested in working with others to help build a strong, sustainable campus community.


Wayne National Forest

Eco Reps


Our Dorm Programs

Eco Reps offers dorm programs for Resident Assistants for a chance to teach students about important topics in sustainability. Below is a complete listing of our available programs, and we can also help develop any other program you can think of! If you are interested in any, please email to discuss setting up a program! 

Please note: Eco Reps will supply any recycled content needed, but RAs are responsible for purchasing any other necessary supplies. You will be informed of what you'll need to purchase - nothing too expensive!


Edible compost  - This program will educate your residents on the process of composting and includes a delicious burrito-like snack that symbolizes the process of decomposition.

Recycled Notebooks - This is a craft-oriented program; it emphasizes the reusing and recycling of cardboard and paper. Residents are encouraged to bring their favorite cereal or other cardboard boxes for the notebooks.

T-shirt tote bags - This program entails the refashioning of old T-shirts to create a unique tote bag. Residents are asked to bring an old T-shirt (the larger the better).

Growing Greens – Teach your residents about the importance of plants with this program while giving them the tools to plant their own herbs or flowers. 


Natural Beauty - Participants of this session will learn about the negative environmental impacts of traditional cosmetics, discuss the toxins found in many products, and explore natural, healthy alternatives to store-bought products.  This is a hands-on workshop; all participants will walk away with samples of products to test and recipes to remake the products they liked the most. 


Natural Cleaning - In this program, participants will learn about the harmful effects of chemical-based cleaning products for the home.  They will examine alternatives and make their own recipes based on the group's interests.  This is a hands-on workshop; the group leader will walk away with samples of cleaning products.  This is best for a residence hall floor or fraternity/sorority presentation where the cleaning supplies can be used by everyone after the program.


Sustainable ResHall Food Options - This delicious workshop teaches residential students about different, sustainable options for snacking while living in the residence hall.  Participants will make simple, creative and low-carbon foods to satisfy any craving.  Recipes utilize food products that can easily be found in the dining halls and markets.  Participants will be able to sample all recipes made during this session.  This session is only available for residential floor programs.


Our Leaders:

Abe Kitchen – President
A junior in the Applied Plant Biology program, Abe takes any chance he can get to get outside and help the environment. Driven by a want to change the failing agriculture business, EcoReps is a great way to get education and hands on opportunities to the people. Abe is also an RA for the Sustainable Living Floor in Luchs Hall (last year, he was an RA) in Martzolff Complex on South Green) and he now serves as a leader in sustainability-related education in the residence halls. In his little spare time he enjoys hiking around, throwing the frisbee and soaking up all that Athens has to offer.