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Call To Sustain


What we do:

The Call to Sustain campaign is a peer-education effort aimed at informing students, faculty, staff, and community members about sustainability. With this campaign, we encourage participants to make a pledge to lessen their impact on the Earth. It can be tailored to your needs as either a quick, fun exercise or a more educational presentation.


How it works:

We ask either individuals or an entire class or group to make a pledge to lessen their impact on the environment or to make positive impacts on the world. We then write the pledge(s) on our “I Pledge To” whiteboard, and photos will be taken along with our collection of giant inflatable globes. Unfortunately, our largest and most desirable globe (6 feet in diameter) cannot fit through most doorways on campus. If you would like the giant globe at your event, we request that it be at an outdoor location.

To request a presentation for your classroom, outdoor event, group meeting, or other university or community events, use our presentation request form.

We will work to ensure that student-led events are assigned student educators and employee-based events will be assigned a University employee as the peer educator.

Please note: Everyone who wishes to be in the photo will need to sign a photo release form. Photos will subsequently be posted to our Facebook page and/or other online websites we utilize.



Call To Sustain
Photo slide show