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Definitions to Know

Consent:  An agreement to participate in sexual activity that is not obtained by manipulation, force of any type, and requires having the cognitive and emotional ability to agree to participate.

Coercion : Pressure to engage in sexual activity.



More About Consent

  • Consent is a clear YES.
  • Consent can be withdrawn at anytime, even during the act.
  • Consent to one sexual activity does not equal consent to another sexual activity.
  • Silence is not consent.
  • No one is entitled to consent from another person (this includes boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, and spouses.
  • You cannot gain consent from someone who is under the influence of a substance that clearly impairs his/her judgment.
  • Clothing is not consent. The clothing that a person wore during their sexual assault is irrelevant.
  • Location is not consent. The location of where the sexual assault took place is irrelevant when considering consent.
  • Time is not consent. The time that the sexual assault took place is irrelevant when considering consent.



Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can affect a person’s ability to make decisions, including whether or not they want to engage in sexual activities. This means that if someone is intoxicated, they cannot give consent.

Engaging in sexual activities with a person who is beyond the ability to use rational and clear judgment is sexual assault. This is an act that is punishable by both Ohio University and by the state of Ohio.

Ohio University and the local law enforcement officers take cases of sexual assault seriously. The Office of Community Standards, Ohio University Police Department, and Athens Police Department view the sexual assault as the main focus of cases that also involve drugs and alcohol. Therefore, students should not be afraid to report a sexual assault that occurred while they were under the influence, even if they are underage. The sexual assault is the primary focus, not the underage drinking.

If you are unsure whether or not a person is sober enough to give consent, do not engage in any sexual activity with this person. The consequences of committing a sexual assault are severe.