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Help for University Employees

OUSAP advocates for students, faculty, and community members. Ohio University is committed to creating and maintaining an educational environment and workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. Any faculty member experiencing sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and/or stalking can contact OUSAP to speak with a trained advocate who will listen to your story, tell you you're options, and offer resources. OUSAP values confidentiality and does not tell you what to do; we will assist you throughout any legal or medical processes.


The Office for Institutional Equity


To file a complaint of gender-based discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct contact the Office for Institutional Equity. If you would like, you can contact OUSAP about having a trained advocate assist you throughout this process.


The Office for Institutional Equity is responsible for investigating complaints of sexual misconduct under Policy 03.004, for monitoring the response of other campus offices involved in sexual misconduct complaints, and for responding to complaints of retaliation connected to the reporting or filing of a complaint covered by Policy 03.004.


Click here to Visit the Office for Institutional Equity's webpage


What is Policy 03.004?


The University's policy that prohibits sexual misconduct in any educational programs and activities or employment situations. This policy authorizes the University to take actions to stop the sexual misconduct, to remediate its effects, and to provide information to prevent sexual misconduct.

Employees are required to report sexual misconduct. You have a right to file a complaint anonymously. Third parties may file a complaint on behalf of persons whom they believe have been adversely affected by conduct prohibited under this policy.


Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment and sexual violence prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Ohio Revised Code Section 4112.02


Examples of sexual misconduct:

-Unwelcome physical contact such as touching
-Persistent, unwelcome requests for sexual contact
-Requests for romantic or sexual contact from someone who grades, advises, or supervises you
-Sexualized behavior accompanied by promise of reward or threat of harm
-Unwelcome sexual remarks about a person's clothing, body, sexuality, or sexual orientation
-Offensive sexual questions, jokes, and stories
-Display of sexually offensive posters, pictures, words or messages
-Information of sexually explicit material into the classroom or workplace without an educational or work-related purpose
-Sexual violence and sexual assault
-Retaliation for making a complaint of sexual misconduct


Duty to Report

Any employee who receives a complaint of sexual misconduct, learns of what may be potential sexual misconduct, or observes conduct that may constitute a violation of the policy is required to report the alleged conduct immediately to the Office for Institutional Equity.



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