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Your Success is Our Success

Faculty and Instructors

Why MyOHIO Success Network?

MyOHIO Success Network connects the OHIO community to students and each other in pursuit of student success.

The tools available to faculty through the MyOHIO Success Network will provide you with a simple, convenient method of reporting concerns about a student, replacing the Academic Alert submission process (for all new Athens students and all RHE and ECAMPUS students in Fall 2016 and all OHIO undergraduate in Fall 2017).

MyOHIO Success Network is an information-sharing tool that allows us to accurately and efficiently  identify the right student at the right time and refer them to the appropriate campus resources. 

See the Resources & Links page for helpful training documentation.

Log In to MyOHIO Success Network

What if I want to report a concern about a student?

At anytime, faculty who wish to can raise additional Flags or provide Kudos to students by logging in to the MyOHIO Success Network and going to STUDENTS and clicking on the My Students Tab.

But please remember, on the Athens campus, MyOHIO Success Network is replacing the old MapWorks program for First Year students. For the regional campuses and ECAMPUS, all students are covered by the MyOHIO Success Network.

What happens to the Flags?

Flags will only be cleared when the situation no longer exists, the student has responded to our outreach attemps or the semester has ended.

Some Informational Flags reporting a concern may not be cleared until the end of the semester, but these Informational Flags are a critical piece of information on how the student is doing and are aggregated to help us identify and prioritize students for outreach.

Action Flags call for an advisor or student services staff to outreach to the student. Once someone has met with the student to discuss the issue, these Flags will be cleared.

How else can the MyOHIO Success Network be used?

The MyOHIO Success Network was first implemented in the 2016-2017 Academic Year, with new services rolling out for use each term. Current plans include using the system to do the following:

  • Student Progress Survey
  • Quickly locate student contact information
  • Easily email your advisees or students within the sytem using filters within the system with an ability to copy yourself
  • View students' connections on campus to see where a student is engaged on campus and easily email or contact these personnel to help the student or report concerns
  • Use the Calendar to schedule office hours and appointments with students-hours and appointments can be automatically shared with your Exchange/Outlook Calendar