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"Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged." – Ohio University Class Gateway

Ohio University Honor Code

The Honor Council welcomes you to explore the Honor Code, what we're doing on campus and how to get to involved. The Ohio University Honor Council was formed to promote the Honor Code which promotes academic integrity and social responsibility. The Honor Code will instill a sense of community for all members of the Ohio University community. The Honor Code is a call to all members of the Ohio University community to act with social, civic, and academic integrity; values that Ohio University was founded upon. Our mission is to make sure all Ohio University students, faculty and administrators have respect for their community and most of all, themselves. Please feel free to contact the Honor Council at  honorcouncil@gmail.com .

The Honor Code was voted on during the May 20, 2010 election, and the overwhelming majority of OHIO student voters approved it!

Text of the Ohio University Honor Code

As members of the Ohio University community, we take great pride in our institution.This sense of pride and our five core values of character, community, citizenship, civility and commitment define who we are and what it means to be a member of Ohio University. These characteristics form the foundation of personal integrity, which includes academic integrity and social and civic responsibility. Together, these guide the pursuit of learning and community involvement.

Academic integrity refers to the honest and fair pursuit of knowledge and entails, but is not limited to, refraining from plagiarism, cheating, and other unethical acts that undermine the values of Ohio University. As members of the community we strive for a bright future; a future that is best achieved through honesty, fairness, and ethical behavior.

Social and civic responsibility is an extension of academic integrity and involves upholding the community values inherent in being a member of Ohio University. Social responsibility encompasses the fair and equitable treatment of all people, while civic responsibility recognizes the expectation that students of Ohio University contribute to the improvement of our community. This dedication to integrity ensures the progress and protection of Ohio University as an institution of higher learning.

Therefore, as a student of Ohio University:

  • I understand the importance of the Honor Code for myself, the university, and my community.
  • I will hold myself to the highest standards of personal honesty and ethical behavior in my academic work.
  • If I see an instance of academic dishonesty, I will take the appropriate steps that are consistent with the Honor Code.
  • I will respect myself, fellow Ohio University students, faculty and staff, and members of our community and I will do my best to apply the standards set forth by the Honor Code to my daily life.

As a member of the Ohio University community, I am committed to this Honor Code and maintaining the highest level of academic integrity and social and civic responsibility at our institution.