Dr. Jason Pina

Jason Pina, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Jason Pina recently joined Ohio University as the vice president for student affairs, where he works tirelessly to uphold the university’s mission – the intellectual and personal development of its students. He is charged with oversight of approximately 200 professional and graduate-level staff, 1,000 undergraduate student employees and an annual operating budget of $62 million. With more than 20 years of professional experience at public and private four-year institutions, he is a recognized authority on leadership in student affairs.

Dr. Pina holds a doctoral degree from Johnson & Wales University, master’s and educational specialist’s degrees from the University of Northern Colorado, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Occidental College. His research interests include diversity and social justice, presidential leadership and leadership development. Dr. Pina co-edited AVP: Leading from the Unique Role of Associate/Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. He currently serves on NASPA’s James Scott Academy Board, a set of national thought leaders in student affairs.