Galbreath Chapel


Location and Current Use

Galbreath Chapel is located on the College Green, at coordinates H-4 on the Ohio University campus map. It is marked as #7 on the map.

The Helen Mauck Galbreath Memorial Chapel is a gift of alumnus John Galbreath in memory of his first wife, whom he met while they were students at Ohio University. Campus legend holds that it marks the spot where the two first kissed.

The chapel is used by people of all faiths for personal prayer and meditation. It is also used for memorial services, bar mitzvah, weddings, receptions, and christenings. Cultural events such as organ concerts, musical programs, poetry readings, lectures, religious drama, liturgical dance, and exhibitions of religious art are held there. Many fraternities and sororities choose it for formal initiation ceremonies and receptions. The chapel has a seating capacity of 150. The chapel is open to the public by appointment only; see their home page for contact information.

Construction Information

Start: March 2013

Finish: January 2014

Project Budget: $1.25 Million

Project Scope:

  • Elevator for accessibility to lower level
  • Energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems
  • Updated interior finishes
  • Built in cabinetry
  • Remodeled bathrooms
  • Roof repairs






History of Building

Built in 1957, the Modern Colonial Revival chapel has an unusual shape that was imposed by its location on the green. The spire, topped with a brass weather vane, is modeled after that of the portico of Nash's All Souls Church in London


Helen Mauck Galbreath

Helen Mauck Galbreath was a 1919 graduate of Ohio University, who died in 1946. The plaque in the narthex reads "She moved and moves among us, joyous, giving and alive."

Capital & Facilities Planning