Housing - Bush Hall Renovation





Location and Current Use

Bush Hall is located at 50 East Green. Location on the Campus Map between coordinates I-4 and J-4 and is marked as #50.

Bush Hall is a Residence Hall.

Residential Housing provides more detailed information online here.


Construction Information

Start: January 2013

Finish: January 2014

Project Budget: $9.1 million

Project Scope:

  • Front addition with fully accessible entrance
  • New energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems
  • Individually climate controlled rooms with sinks
  • New built in cabinetry
  • Remodeled bathrooms
  • New and Enhanced classroom, lounge and study areas
  • Elevator access to all floors


History of Building

Built in 1954, Bush Hall was used as a residence hall for students.


Frederick W. Bush

Bush Hall was named in honor of Frederick W. Bush. A native of Renrock, Noble County, he received a Bachelor of Pedagogy from Ohio University in 1892. He was manager and editor of the Athens Messenger for more than 30 years. He was recognized as one of the most successful newspaper publishers in the Midwest. He was a member of the Ohio University Board of Trustees from 1922 through 1929.

Capital & Facilities Planning