One-on-One: The VPSA and You

Pina plans to meet individually with all DOSA professional staff

Have you noticed a one-on-one meeting on your Outlook calendar with the division’s new Vice President for Student Affairs? You’re not alone.

In an effort to better familiarize himself with the division, Jason Pina has requested to meet individually with all of the division’s professional staff. The meetings, according to Pina, are an opportunity to sit down with new colleagues face to face and learn about the important work that they do.

“I will be asking everyone generally the same set of questions: What do you do at OHIO? Why do you do it? And why at OHIO? Where are you headed professionally? And what can we improve for our students?” explained Pina. “I look forward to learning about the division from the people who make it tick and also answering any questions that they might have.”

While preparation is not required, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs Megan Vogel said it may be useful to have a few work samples on hand.

“This is a chance to tell your professional story,” Vogel said. “While meetings are intended to be informal in nature, I encourage you to put your best foot forward as we welcome our new vice president.”

Pina plans to spend one-on-one time with more than 125 DOSA colleagues in their work locations before the semester’s end.

“I’m committed to this investment of time and look forward to getting to know the division on a personal level through these meetings,” Pina said.