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Annual report highlights student affairs achievements from 2016-17

Aug 18, 2017

Annual report cover photo


Ohio University’s Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) has released its annual report, which overviews the division’s accomplishments during the 2016-17 academic year.

“In one year’s time, the Division of Student Affairs has made great strides with and for OHIO students,” said Jason Pina, vice president for student affairs and interim chief diversity officer. “Today, with 13 departments, 420+ professional and graduate-level staff and 3,300+ undergraduate student employees, our reach has never been greater.”

Highlights from DOSA’s 2016-17 Annual Report include:

  • The addition of four new departments: the Survivor Advocacy Program, Culinary Services, Bobcat Depot and Regional Campus Retail Operations
  • The establishment of a new student employee scholarship in support of DOSA’s undergraduate student workforce
  • The launch of the Performing Arts and Education Program
  • The coordination of almost 6,000 new job and internship opportunities
  • A newly-developed challenge course alcohol intervention program
  • The expansion of Counseling and Psychological Services
  • The opening of seven new culinary venues
  • The graduation of the first cohort of Margaret Boyd Scholars
  • Planning and execution of over 23,000 events
  • Facilitation of 3,720 individual programs for on-campus residents
  • The establishment of ASAP (Ambassadors to the Survivor Advocacy Program)
  • An appearance in the American Collegiate Hockey Association National Championship Game
  • The initiation of a strategic planning process, which will guide the division’s future endeavors

“I take pride in the many dedicated DOSA staff members who paved the way for these success stories,” Pina said. “Thanks to their passion and commitment, our students feel supported and encouraged as they pursue their dreams at Ohio University.”

To view DOSA’s 2016-17 annual report, click here.